Thursday, July 02, 2009

Week That Was

Attended the Biometrics Event at Mandarin Oriental this week, and it was my first hand experience as an usher.

They were launching some spa and wellness program, and the Guests of Honour included Pak Lah and the Queen or something like that lah.

The four of us, Chris, Me, Addy and Sue.

The girls,

and the guys.

Special thanks to Ling Fern's Aunt for the arrangement, and oh yes, I did manage to see the Pemaisuri Agong, and heck, she was HOT. And her jugs were huge man.


The other week at Euphoria, MOS. Coincidentally, as I am typing this, I am going tonight again, YES AGAIN. I'm like Euphoria's No 1 Fan already.

Kev, Chong and Chuan.

Sylvia and Bri.

Standard Drinks.

Ats and Ah Fai.

Horny chongx and Sylvia.

And a ton more of other people which I had no time to take photo with. Samad, DJ, DU peeps and a few HELP friends i met there.

That was for that week. My friend is honking already, time to go, more updates soon enough.


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