Tuesday, August 04, 2009

FM Radio Cash Competitions - Who wins?!

Now, let's just think about it for a moment.

100k cash, one winner everyday. Just bash in a few keys on your phone, send them the sms. And If you're chosen, you walk away with a minimum sum of RM 1000 cash, to a maximum of RM 4000 cash.

Sound easy? Hell yeah. Who does not want money like that.

I'm betting with ya guys you know what competition this is. You would probably know if you pay close attention to the radio stations, its as you guessed, RED FM's 4 PLAY

If you're still wondering what the hell this is all about, click here.

As lifted off from their website,

"Win your share of RM100,000 with Red FM's Fourplay with Acer....Red FM's biggest cash giveaway - ever!!

We've hand-picked four songs:

Nelly & Kelly - Dilemma

Mariah Carey - Without You

Kelly Clarkson - Because of You

Lady Gaga - Just Dance

All you have to do is listen out all day...Fourplay could happen at any time! When we play any one song in full, you stand a chance to win RM1000, and the money goes up if we play more of the four songs, in any order. This means two songs gets you RM2000, three songs gets you RM3000, and if you hear all four songs you could win RM4000!

Once you've registered, text PLAY space to 33988 when you hear any of the Fourplay songs. (each SMS costs RM0.50)

We'll pick an SMS at random and call you back. Please make sure you answer within three rings...if you don’t, or if the call goes to voicemail/call waiting, then we'll pick another number to call."

If you're lazy to read what the heck it's all about, I'll summarize the competition into 4 bloody easy steps.

1. Listen to red.fm
2. If they play any of those 4 songs above, start your sms bombing.
3.If they call you back, well congratulations, you win money.
4.If they don't, prepare to be fucked at the end of the month when you receive your phone bill.

Now, what pisses me off is how the way the competition is handled. Yes, I've been following this competition closely and as such, yeah you got it right, sent it my share of sms-es to red.fm.

Then today, god knows what enlightened me to actually pen this out. Maybe some of my brain cells just woke up from the RM 100,000 cash dream. It suddenly all made sense.

WHO WINS?! The radio listeners or red.fm?


Put in simple words, since one sms costs Rm 0.50, red.fm only has to wait for 2000 sms-es to come in, and after that, any sms that goes their way is PURE FUCKING EASY MONEY for them to make.

And the worst part, there ain't no limit to how many sms-es one person can send, baby. The more you send, the more they make. They more they get richer.

The more the contest directors go,



You get the point right. It is clearly stated that they promised to give out their share of RM 100,000 cash, BUT ARE THEY ACTUALLY GIVING OUT CASH IN THE END?

Or is this some fucking making money business scheme for them to make back even more money in the end?

Just think about the possibilities. If they receive 10,000 sms-es ( which costs the nation RM 5,000) and if they give out only RM 1,000, that's a cibai clean profit of RM 4,000 for them. You can even minus off the whatever admin fee, worker's overhead and what not excuses, and still make money.

So now you tell me, are they REALLY GIVING OUT MONEY, or just MAKING MORE MONEY?

Yes, some may argue, on some days, they give out more than RM 1,000. But can't you guys see that this has already been fucking calculated how much money they give out everyday. In simple basic common sense, if they have already made an average of RM 2,000 for ten days, WHAT HURTS TO GIVE OUT RM 2,000 for one special day. HECK, they can even afford to give RM4,000 and they still WILL MAKE.

I'm sure all of you guys can see the point CLEARLY NOW. They claim to be giving out RM 100,000, but in actual fact, they're making our poor money from this.

You can say, Eh, but got real-time winners worr. Man this guy just pocketed RM2,000 leh.

Fine let me show you again, if you didn't get it, HOW THIS WORKS.

Everything left in the sieve is all THEIRS.

And the worst thing is, they can actually monitor how many god damn sms-es are coming in. This means that they can slowly wait for them to hit a good target, probably around 20,000 sms-es (which is RM 10,000 cash FOR THEM) and they give out a mere average of RM1,000 to one person only.

Look here red.fm, if you really wanted to be fair, you would have imposed at least these few steps, such as;

1. One sms per person, In This Way, since you're choosing the number at random to call back, it would be PURE LUCK for that person to walk away with cash.

2. Fine, IF you do not want to adopt method 1, then at least charge normal sms rates, and not rip people off at RM 0.50 cents per sms.

3. Better still, make people call in and then answer one call at random. At least this way, when the line's engaged, there ain't no charge for those people who did not get it. And you'll be putting YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS, that's where you're really giving away RM 100,000.

Now, I may have got some facts about how the competition is run, wrong, or I may have written some points out of proportion. On my part, I would be more than glad to actually remove this whole article OFF MY BLOG and actually apologise for writing rubbish, if there is some kind of prove that they are actually GIVE AWAY the RM100,000 as it is.

If there is a true and verified statement showing the actual number of sms-es they receive each day, then everyone can work out their profits/ actual cash give away.

I'm sure I do not only represent myself, but a whole lot more other people into knowing the actual figure behind this competition.

Just a little tip to you guys out there still busy sms-ing: Think again who's winning when you're busy typing out the sms-es. And yes, learn from me. I've been sms-ing since the start of day one, and here I am, with nothing on my hand.

I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about right?! Geddit?!


Anonymous shawn said...

sms costs != their profit

they still have to pay SMS server n other service...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009 4:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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