Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who's the Family Guy?

Wah Hello. Ooohh, I am a happy man today because I finally found one goddamned DVD shop which actually sells the Family Guy series on DVD.

It was 30 bucks for the whole of season 7 but I ain't no bothered. I'm watching it till my TV explodes.

Yah so anyway, what to show you guys?!

Alright, let me think for a second.

Oh shit. It's been too long for this, but how can I forget some must see pictures from my last rave @ A Famosa.

P/s:- You know, I said I wanted to post this up 2 months ago, but oh well.

So anyway, here's the story. First timers were the likes of Kev, Chuan and Chongx and boy, I'm glad they had their own share of fun.

I mean like how the fuck can you not like raves with tysern lah?

Now, Guys pack like the girls. Or even, more than the girls. 2 nights only, but why the hell the suitcases. Don't ask me, not mine.

Could get any better leaving for Malacca.

Reached in the evening, and

We hentamed the Satay Celup. Now if you did read my blog previously, my last also absofuckinglutely awesome trip to Malacca did involve satay celup also. But that was at Capitol Satay Celup which required lots of waiting for a table. now if you're lazy waiting, hop over to Ban Lee Siang, trust me, it tastes just excatly the same. But with less people.

Compared with the lok lok in KL, it was cheaper than cheap prostitutes.

No, seriously, with the likes of only 50-70 cents per stick, WHERE TO FIND LA?! ( The min in KL is already Rm 1.20 + until Rm 4.00)

And away we go eating.



by the time we got back to the A Famoso Condo, we were exploding.

Yes, so our condotel was probably a very sinful place, but how can you not have fun with danger, heh

The last drink you'll probably crave after all that was the box of mineral water.

Like duh we ran out of mixers, and when I was @.@, I think i used the beers as the mixer. OMG
No wonder die lah.

And after raising a few glasses,

We were all set to go in.

Lining up wasn't that long. Probably only a 5 minute wait. Thank god there were alot of queue lines.

Our tickets. Haha.

Photos of us. Lazy to type captions. Heh

And so the funny thing was, we were drinking outside the raving area. And we were out of bottles, so we just poured whiskey and mixed it into coke bottles. And off we go drinking our coke, AND YES offering it to random passer-bys . And that's how they gave us the beer. No H1n1 fear here man.

Pics and Videos on the ACTUAL RAVE CROWD will be up once I upload them to youtube.


Blogger Jiaqi said...

i love family guy too! i have all 6 seasons of it! muahahaha.. its damn funny & addictive!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009 1:22:00 PM  
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