Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dirty Spelling Bee

I've always been a fan of Spelling Bee Competitions.

But this one really takes the cake.

Can I join?!

Haha, everyone needs a light moment, don't we?!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jetsaver Lite Challenge, 2D 1N in Singapore.

The trip was awesome to begin with. Everything from the planning, the accommodation and everything else was probably one notch above magical. This visit to Singapore was in conjunction and thanks to Jetstar Lite Fares, where as quoted :-

"JetSaver Light fares have no checked baggage allowance. Carry on baggage limits, including size restrictions, will be strictly applied. Passengers with more than the applicable carry on baggage allowance will need to check in baggage..........,"

And in return for not checking in any excess baggage, Jetstar will slash off a standard fee off your airfare, which in turn can be used for more shopping, food and beverage and almost everything else you can think of doing with that extra savings.

And for us, this was how the extra savings of Rm 70 (+- SGD 30) per person was neatly put to very very good use.

Getting up and ready, in the morning for the awesome visit to SG.

With all the documents in place,

And with almost all the teams making their grandest arrival,

It was time to board the plane and jet off,

For an Airline which boasts maximum value for the price, I would say the overall seat setup was relatively comfortable, and great.

And here we are, arriving in Singapore.

The hotel staff was even kind enough to send over a representative to greet us and make sure we get safely to the hotel.

And with everyone arriving safely ( there were 10 teams for the Light Challenge)

We were put up to a night at the plush Grand Mercury Roxy Hotel, just right opposite Marina Parade.

Random photo taking while waiting to check into our rooms.

Now everyone would ask. How in the world can all this get better?! How can you make awesome, super awesome? I mean come on, the fully sponsored airfare, the service, the send off, and welcoming was probably something that would only happen in a dream ( but yes, it happened with Jetstar too). But yet somehow and someway, Jetstar and Grand Mercury Roxy made it happen, effortlessly. Dude, you guys get 5 stars from me, and my travel partner, Chris, easily.

When we were presented the room keys shortly after arriving, JENG JENG JENG


FUIYOH. The room has practically any $#1t you can ask for. From;

Bathroom robes, Ironing Board with a Steam Iron ( yes don't laugh, I've walked into a hotel where they provided us with an Ironing Board, but there was charge to rent an iron), a Safe Deposit Box,

A swanky LCD TV for entertainment purposes.

A fully stocked minibar, with Instant Noodles, Snacks, Beers, Soft Drinks and so forth,

Heck it, the Hotel was even kind enough to make sure were over cloud nine by making us happy by getting us a WELCOME GIFT. Tell me, who in the world does that? Wait I know. Grand Mercury Roxy and Jetstar. And by the neat welcome letter, was two welcome drinks by the Poolside Bar.

The drinks voucher.

They were even thoughtful enough to provide us a touring map of Singapore, as well as a brochure of the latest happenings in town.

And above all, the ever spacious and comfy room.

And since the sun was shinning down brightly and the weather was perfect, we decided to warm up by the bar with our complimentary Singapore Sling Cocktails. Yeah I mean Sg's so creative with coming up with their signature Welcome to Singapore Drinks, Malaysia should just follow suit with something like Malaysia Madness or something like that. You know, just dump in some fruit juice with a little bit of vodka and brandy, and people will go nuts over it.

So anyway, @ the Roxy Bar.

Weather was perfect for fine cocktail sipping Al Fresco Experience.

Magically whipping up our drinks.

This is how you do it, uhuh.

Chris, my super awesome, entertaining and informative travel partner,

Me, by the poolside bar. You know, this pic makes me feel so damn atas "high class" because I probably would not be able to afford all these as a student and would be too kiam siap to spend on these little luxuries all on my own. So thanks to Jetstar and Grand Mercury Roxy, I'm milking the moment while I can, heh.

After treating ourselves luxuriously, we set off to the highlight of the trip. With our given pocket money of SGD 30, we had to strategically budget our spending as to not go over the daily limit. And here's our share of story on how, we somehow managed to do it, getting involved in alot of fun, excitement and freebies thrown in along the way.

No 5 On the List, Shopping and More Shopping.

First stop, we hit the MRT to the Orchard Stop. And that's where all the shopping began.

Toured the whole street, all the way from Takashimaya @ Orchard

to the Fountain of Wealth @ Suntec City,

The fountain of wealth.

And right at the time, they were having a food fest,

with loads of goodies to choose from.

And finally after all the walking and decision making, I got myself a Singapore Tee from Giordano as a souvenir to take home.

Next at No 4, Sightseeing around town.

Probably the best and cheapest way to get a true blue feel of Singapore, we went out armed with only our camera's and with our pair of sharp eyes, we basked in the beauty of Singaporean architecture.

We came across some star attractions, soon to be attractions and classic must not miss Singapore Tourist Spots.

The Merlion.

And while we're at the Merlion, we managed to witness some Dragon Boat Fest going on.

Theaters on the bay @ The Esplanade.

Singapore CBD @ Night.

Clarke Quay during nightfall.

Pubs and Clubs around Clarke Quay.

My Star Jump @ The Merlion.

Those pictures above speak for their own beauty, doesn't it. The fascinating blend of the different hues and tones of color at night, coupled up with the full regalia of the magnificent structures just adds a touch of beauty to what our eyes could capture in one day.

Following up at number 3, Eating and Filling our Stomach all round the clock.

The Chip Shop Rocks.

Gosh, in Singapore, everyone gotta try these fried MARS BARS. They're so good, it's like stuffing a whole pound of pleasure down your taste buds. Hot and crisply on the outside, cool, sweet and soothing on the inside.

My face immediately lit up once i chewed on the magical-make-anyone-happy-balls.

Their bacon burger was out of this world. Never tasted anything so tender like that in Malaysia.

Chris on the other hand did not even stop pushing his stomach to the limit with Long John's Silvers @ Shaw House.

And if you think we're done with eating, NOT YET. We were far from done. For dinner, we hopped on the MRT to Newton, where we had:-

At Newton's Food Court at night.

And as fate would have brought me on this trip, I bumped into my long lost childhood friend at the Newton MRT Station. And off we go, the 3 of us ( Me, Chris and Nick) for dinner.

Nick and Me.

Fried Egg Carrotcake.

Sg's version of the Penang Oh Chien. Gotta tell you, it was not bad at all man. I especially liked the fresh big oysters.

You can never get too much food in your life.

Strong at Number 2, We Conquered Singapore's Nightlife. Now the famous quote, "Who ever comes to Sigapore without partying the night away. No one"

Even before we made our Grand Arrival at the Zirca Megaclub, we were pumped up for Star Jump Shots.

@ Zirca, Clarke Quay.

To our delight, it was our own Malaysian superstars, the Bass Agents spinning! And thanks to them, we managed to enter under their guestlist, meaning we went clubbing in Singapore for FREE!

The awesome party people.

After a few rounds of drinks with my friends, everyone was happy and ready to go.

We were even jumping up and down IN THE CLUB.

Bass Agents dishing out cutting edge music.

Scot Project with his Stage Appearance.

There are no boundaries when you're having fun.

And that was our super eventful night venture.

Now, comes the final highlight of the trip. And here's where I give the number 1 spot to.

Probably the most awesome part of the trip is to be selected by Jetstar to actually be part and parcel of the magical and wonderful experience. Nothing, and I repeat nothing listed above would happen without the effort of Jetstar Airways and Grand Mercury Roxy hotel.

And this is why being selected on this trip is probably the biggest and most important thing to happen to me and Chris, for without the selection and special savings of SGD 30 per person, we would not be able, to come to Singapore and go through the special events listed as above.

The SGD 30 spending money given per person came in super handy to actually cover for the entertainment expenses. Here's the breakdown of where the money actually went to.

Bus ride from hotel to Singapore Flyer = SGD1
(SGD30 - SGD1 = SGD29)

Fried Mars Bars with ice cream = SGD3.80
(SGD29 - SGD3.80 = SGD25.20)

Super Bacon Burger! SGD4.50
(SGD25.80 - SGD4.50 = SGD21.30)

After a whole afternoon of shopping and walking Orchard Road, we headed to Newton Food Court by MRT = SGD0.80
(SGD21.30 - SGD0.80 = SGD20.50)

Carrot cake = SGD2
(SGD20.50 - SGD2 = SGD18.50)

Duck Rice = SGD2
(SGD20.50 - SGD2 = SGD18.50)

Fried Oyster (Hor Chien) = SGD4
(SGD18.50 - SGD2 = SGD16.50)

Little India for some sightseeing and shopping.
MRT = SGD0.50
(SGD16.50 - SGD0.50 = SGD16)

Taxi back from Clarke Quay to hotel = SGD9
Cost shared (SGD16 - SGD4.50 = SGD11.50)

Changi Airport to catch our flight back. Bus ride was only SGD1.50
(SGD11.50 - SGD1.50 = SGD10)

And finally, I spent my last SGD 10 on a T Shirt Souvenier to be brought back to Malaysia ( Giordano Tee)

And if you think that SGD 30 can't get you much in this current economy, think again how me and Chris did everything as said above.

But as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

It's back to Changi and bye bye Singapore.

You cannot blame me and Chris for not wanting to leave right, Jetstar?!

Once again, my thanks goes out to Jetstar and Grand Mercury Roxy Hotel for making my trip and entertainment in Singapore a 100% Dream turned into Reality.

See you guys soon enough!

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