Thursday, February 28, 2008

let me define teaching

All right, yeah let Mr Tysern here define what teaching is actually. Being down to earth, since my next week would be my last week, so as Chong's, we all decided to spend quality time with the students.

Quality time so indeed horrrr,

I tell you, i should be shut away in jail for letting the kids pose with those tools alright. But since they really enjoyed every bit of it, who cares lah.

Btw, these were my 2 Cengal heroes.

Or so they called it, daredevil shot. Trust me, the saw was RIGHT at my throat. Gila.

The nutcracker? Is it?!

My goodness, my horny face prevails AGAIN.

Then they got into a massive French kissing frenzy.

We had even more cam-hogging sessions.

Then, even more crazy ideas just sprung out like that. I believe these are worthy of award winning shots.

Hahhaa, take it away.

They actually pulled out a wooden file from my @$$hole.

Anyway, that's just what I did with 2 Cengal. Wanna know what went on with 2 Keruing, stay tuned. Trust me, we posed with the most useful thing in the world. Here's a sneek peek.

Spot it alright. Come back soon for the full drama.

Till then, teacher's writings are until here only. More later.

Friday, February 22, 2008

valentine's special

Alright, since everyone is pestering me to update, here it comes. Although i still owe someone a dinner, and hopefully i get the time to put it together, my valentine's day was spent with my family.

See how good teacher is? You guys better use me as an example next time all right. Don't leave out your parents ever in the future.

All right, i bet everyone's drooling to see the pics right, so anyway,

The soup was the first entry, and did i tell you that we had to wait close to an hour for the table. That explained all the, OMG-HENTAM-DULU- Hands when the soup came.

Then, the bottom-less Chips arrived. This again, was a winner in my category. Sadly, we only managed to refill it once, because my parents ain't heavy eaters. So, rugi sikit lah. Wah, omg i sound so chinapek man. Calculative and shit.

Triple play, la-dee-dah. This needs no introduction. Anyway, it sucks. I can make better chicken wings.

Grilled fish, not too bad.

The huge ass burger which we forced-ordered for my dad. When he saw it, he was like OMFGWTF, so damn huge wan ah?

My entree. Baby ribs. Anyway, judging by the size of the portions, you can tell then my family of 4 had a hard time finishing it. But that aside,

The quality of food in Chili's Seriously is just average only. It is darn overrated and their service sucks. Their staff are like so OMG-BITHCY and even dared to show tulan and charred black faces at us when we questioned them about the late seating and service.

Not like i liked chili's anyway, but we had no choice since TGIF was full.

IMO, Chili's, you've just lose a customer. Deal with it.

On the other hand, i really love TGIF's service. Good. Really Good.

Anyway, since it was their night, so, hahaha, spotlight on them alright.

Looks like every age is in the cam-whore business now. Oh well, blame me for the infectious disease.

They took more, definately.

Their waiters even suck at taking photos. Not to mention she put on a shit face when we asked her to take photos for us.

Alright, that concludes my post. More, to come, in awhile.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

just give me a sec

Yes, i know CNY holiday breaks are coming to an end, and it should be time to post up new, exciting pictures for you guys to share, but then again, i had 3 parties today. Oh well, i went for 2 already, and now i am looking forward to the 3rd one.

Yeah, Jason's one. Need to get back my cash from Thong Siang, grrrrr, that lucky bastard fella.


Yeah, my luck has been like crap poop these few days.Totally bad alright.

Anyway, i have to go now, for another event, will see you guys hopefully tomorrow when i have the time alright. Once again, goodbye.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gong XI Fatt Chai

Alright, just a short note, wishing all my readers a happy new year, may you be blessed with financial wealth, health and happiness in life.

I will be back at my hometown, Raub, Pahang for a couple of days until Sunday that is, and yes i do not have internet with my. So anyway, see you guys when i get back alright.

That's all, thank you and good-bye.

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