Tuesday, November 13, 2007

pre-exam disaster

Here's a post to all lower sixers reading my blog, whatever grandmother story that goes like, you better study now, or you will suffer later is like so true alright.

You do not really have to start stressing now, but at least, if you do latihan now and then, it shld be okay for you guys when STPM starts nearing.

My timing's screwed up, sleep is only the alternative to studying, my brain is confused, and yes life is hell.

It's only 6 days away, and panic and stress is seeping in.

Oh, and another thing, in situations like this, you'll realize things, such as in Chem that you should actually know 1 year ago. O.o

Since schooling days are like officially over for me,

Farewell pics will be up tomorrow, but for me now, i have chem to do. Bye.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

random bowling shots

Alright people, STPM is drawing closer and closer, more like a sword getting nearer and nearer to my throat, and yes, stress level at the moment is at its highest.

Very very teruk. Nothing much to blog about, as you know exams= social life decrease = no mood= i am a loser feeling now. Just some old events, which i yet to show you guys.

Alright, on another note, something less depressing, SMK Sas students decided to have another bowling meeting a few weeks back.

Haha, doesn't take a genius to find out where there is a black patch on the photo.

David on the left, and ckent on the right. Probably reacting to someone else's strike, as the person with the lowest score of the day, was teased badly. Haha

ATS with the, erm wtf pose.

We booked a total of 4 lanes, and i bet withcha everyone at the bowling alley was cursing us, as we were really a noisy pack there.

Discussing bowling strategy plans.

The current bowing prez, Hwee Chee in action.

Tysern in action. It was a strike, i presume. =p

Doesn't take a genius to find out, who bowled 200+ and whose initials are T right?!

Eh, banyaknya bola. Ambil mana eh?! Sound so horny yah?! Talking about that, there was this hamsap version jingle bells song, which me and my friends created when we were younger, it goes,

Ding Dong Balls, Ding Dong Balls,
Hanging on the wall,
One so big, One so small,
Look like canon ball, owh

Ding Dong Balls, Ding Dong Balls,
Hanging on the wall,
One so big, One so small,
Look like canon ball.

Small one fifty cents,
Big one one dollar,
Which one do you want,
.......................... bla bla bla,

you get the point. Oh goodness, i was so hamsap last time.

Wei Loon and Shing Yie.

1/4 of the girls in the Bowling Club,

And, at last, a group photo.

Take one. Oh well, take two was questionable......

Alright, me going to study. See you guys, bye !

P/s : please continue clicking the nuffnang ads above. I need a little more to cash out, and i am hell broke at the moment. So so so broke. Much thnx to all that clicked. Hehe

Monday, November 05, 2007

duck's tongue and pork skin.

Alright, here's the story. My aunt went over to Manila and got back some goodies for my family.

Knowing Manila, famous for their gross unique foodstuffs, such as Balut, yeah, if you don't know...read up more, oh anyway, where was i, oh yes, with the Duck Tongue, neatly packed in a packet.

My mum's first expression when she say the label was, eeeeee, you eat lah Tysern.

Alright, happy to say, yeap i will try anything........ and......

*drumrolls* it looked like

Yeah, like this. It actually tasted very good, but to some, they will hate it as the texture of the duck's tongue was like YES YES, like duck's tongue lah. Slimy shit and a little hard.

To give a review, it tasted something like "long yuk", u know "ba chang", they always sell during CNY.

Quite a good snack i say, and yes, the next packet, pork skin.

Pork Skin, or as they call it, Pork Rind. Erm, yeah sorry it ain't halal, i hope i don't offend any readers here, if not, yeah i'm sorry.

To "siew yok" lovers, who especially like the crispy skin on the pork, this is the thing for you man. The pork skin is fried crispy, and seasoned with vinegar and garlic, and the aroma is god sent.

It's so crispy, that when you bite into it, it's like small explosions in your mouth.

Mmmm, please excuse me while i enjoy it. Thnx.

See you guys, Bye.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

just something

All right, my stpm exams are REALLY really near now, and, here goes, something for the time being.Haha...

This picture really cracks the shit out of me,

If you don't understand it, man...you're blur.

When you're bored in the library....

Shot 1

Shot 2

Shot 3

Shot 4.

Yeah, i know this pics are damn "moh liu" but who cares, at least something for the time being. Anyway, come one, vote for one, which one do you think is the erm cutest ?!


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