Thursday, November 19, 2009

Think it's easy? Well

Was doing the run around the whole week working out the share application.

I though, alright, I did not get anything, but at least, my back up plan sort of worked lah. Somehow still managed to get my dirty ass into some IPO shares lah.

SO YES NOW DAMN STRESS everyday in front of the computer screen watching the stock exchange.

People, I tell you its super kan cheong ok. SUPER DUPER kan cheong. In some ways better than playing baccarat lah if you're daring enough.

Yeah it went up a mini bit, and I was so damn happy I went and splurge on sushi to celebrate my mega minuscule win. Then, when I was eating I heard my broker said it slipped abit.

And I fucking choked on my salmon.

And I died.

No lah, I just shitting you all. It slipped but went back up and then hey, it closed back at an OK point for today. So, taking everything into consideration. I'm cool with it man, hey. Make money can already lah.

So anyway, that wasn't the point of me writing this entry. Eh just screw the paragraph up there if you don't understand what's going on. Doubt anyone will anyway.

To cut a long story short, I was down in Singapore a couple of weeks back. Please note the "a couple of weeks back' aite, and as usual, awesome.

I was there for the Nuffnang Gala Awards Dinner, but I think the event itself deserves another entry on its own all together.

So now back to the point,

Eh wait, wrong picture. I wanted to write about the super awesome german food and drinks I had in Vivocity. But you know since I look relatively erm............ok in that photo, I'll just leave it there lah.

So while I was in Singapore, I had the awesome company of great friends who were so willing to teman and keep me company out for a nice meal u know. One of my close friend said,

" Tysern, in NTU if people wanna eat with you during CA and exam time, THEY SUPER GIVE YOU FACE ALREADY, can consider yourself menteri besar already."

Ok hehe, thank you people for your time. Really thank you man guys!Thanks for making me feel like a VIP for a weekend kayz???!!!

The pictures are extremly non halal. And JAIS or whatever "anti freedom rave people" seeing this would probably be going " AH YA TUHANKU , TUTUP SKRIN SEKARANG. JANGAN TENGOK LAGI, JANGAN JANGAN. CEPAT CEPAT, TEKAN X". Yes I'm still feeling a little shitty for not getting my beer INSIDE the rave.

This pork knuckle was very ons. Seriously. I though the German Restaurant @ The Curve whips up mean pork knuckles, but this one had the extra crispy skin. The skin alone deserves an award on its own.

You won't go wrong with a plate of total BATANG FEST. Sausages ANY COLOUR, SIZE, TYPE, TEXTURE, HARDNESS also got on this plate. Got added mayonaise also.

I always though kai hong yuk sucks lah, but this chicken breast was good. Got flavour one, suprisingly. Not like the lauya piece of chicken breast the Nuffnang Blog Awards served.

If tysern goes all the way to a German Restaurant in SG and does not order beer, shit can be eatan already. Patrick didn't even ask me whether I felt like having beer that night. He was like, so Tysern, you ordering the 1 litre one ah?!

And yes about the beer, YAH PAULANER BEER DAMN NICE. Of course comparing Tiger and Carlsberg would be like comparing Proton with BMW or Mercedes lah. If you wanted to know, one can of tiger from giant, RM 4.59. But about 1/2 a litre of paulaner set us back about SGD 14-15, I THINK? With that money, can drink tiger or carlsberg until you vomit man.

Me giving the all clear sign on the food quality.

Jacq, Pat and Cheez.

Legend, Ty and Chong. Alot of people ask me, WAH U GOT ONE FREN DAM COOL LAH HIS NAME, LEGEND. Then I say, yeah his siblings are history and myth. ZOMG damn lame I know.

My friend thinks he damn leng chai lah in this photo, model material. So ok lah, here's a little bit of shamless self promotion for him.

All in all I loved the food there. People DO GO and try it out for yourselves.

Hahh, ironically, I forgot the restaurant name. If you want you can ask my friends. But I do know that its one of the only german restaurants in Vivo City, its facade is facing the lake, and probably on the Ground Floor. Oh yeah and i think, it starts with a B or sth like that lah.

Pictures are from Pat and Legend. I think my cam batt died or sth like that.

Do have a great weekend people. I can roughly figure out how mine will end up, actually.

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