Sunday, October 29, 2006

Bali- Into the fun

Joke of the day.

Tiger Woods drives his BMW into a petrol station in a remote part of the Irish countryside. The pump attendant, obviously knows nothing about golf, greets him in a typical Irish manner completely unaware of who the golfing pro is.

"Top of the mornin' to yer, sir" says the attendant.

Tiger nods a quick "hello" and bends forward to pick up the nozzle. As he does so, two tees fall out of his shirt pocket onto the ground. "What are those?, asks the attendant.

"They're called tees" replies Tiger. "Well, what on the god's earth are dey for?" inquires the Irishman. "They're for resting my balls on when I'm driving", says Tiger.

"Fuck me", says the Irishman, "BMW thinks of everything."

Picking up from where i last left you guys, which is on the hotel. Wow, Superb. Ok, so basically, 2 days of my trip we devoted to sight seeing and visiting new places.

As so, Bali is popular for its volcanoes, rice terraces and beachside views. Temples are aplenty, and who will see them in my post here.

To kick it off, Bali has a popularity of 85% Hindu, and thus, them many temples and availability of pork everywhere. All these cultural places have been preserved nicely, and turned into tourists attractions.

The first place, we visited was the Silverware Factory. Bali is popular for its gold and silver shoppes, and yes we were brought into one. Although the main idea was to get you to purchase items from them, so the bus drivers could earn comission, it would be wise to buy only what you like. (after bargaining, to almost a 70% reduction)

The welcoming statue, in front of the silverware factory.

Crafting the silverware.

The variety of bangles and bracelets.

A ring my mum liked. In the end, she setteled for a garnet ring. Quite a bargain, costed only about RM 100, for a shiny gemstone.

Next, we stopped over at a woodcarving factory.

Entrance to the woodcarving factory.

Carving of a sexayy lady.

And her titties. Sadly, the're not that juicy !!

Omg, wooden dicks. Hmm.. any of you girls want it? (-.-)

Alright, enough of dicks and boobies, lets go on to the next stop. Volcanoes. Simply fantastic. We we brought to the top of the hill, it was chilly, ambience was great, and lastly, view was fantastic.

Great isn't it?

In the morning, there will be smoke emitting from the top.

The earth in the pic (black areas) are effects of the lava. Bes, they call it. Very suitable for growing plants.

The restaurant overlooking the volcano.

Next up on our itenary, was an ancient temple, which had spring water freeflowing. Have a look.

Oh yeah, b4 that, to those who are having their periods, sorry, but you are strongly discouraged from entering. I din't know why until i went it....

Nah....tak boleh masuk....

A statue, posing.

The ponds inside were gorgoeus.

It is said by the locals, that if you take a dip and wash ur head on the spring water pond, good luck will befall you. That explains why so many ppl are into washing their heads.

Hence, the long waiting queue.

Besides being period free, we had to wear sarongs to enter. Look at us !!

Me and my bro.

Random shots of the area.......

The rooftops looked like they were made out of hair.

Filled with spring water, in was blueish in colour.

After all the mumbo-jumbo, we were hungry and thirsty. Where else, but sunset@jimbaran.
Dining by the beach, with the waves breaking each silence.....

The ambience......

We had to snuggle it, to the almost packed crowd.

Coke in a bottle....where to find man?

Diggin in to the seafood. We ordered, crabs, prawns, mussels, fish and squid.

The crabs had creamy roe. Fantastic...

Overall, the food was great. But the bill was a great let down. The meal costed us 1.2 Million Rupiah, which is rougly Rm 550 . Helluva expensive man.

That it for day two, more to come up later. Next post would be on the nightlife, Hard Rock Cafe, and many more. Stay tuned !!

Bali- It would be ( The Introduction )

I was supposed to continue writing about my previous post, but oh well, since everyone wants me to write about bali first, so be it lah.

Bali, what can i say? A paradise of fun, shoppin's great and nice scenery. Weather, hot like KL, at some places even hotter. Beaches? Fantastic... The waves are great, went surfing there, not like i can surf very well, but just bantai and play only la.

To start it off, my bloody flight was delayed 3 FUCKING HOURS. No joke. Thank god the airline company, Air Asia had the brains to SMS us b4 we left for the airport. So, yeah, we did not get stuck at the airport.

The LCCT Terminal is really, really LOW COST. Everything is designed to be cheap, until that you have to walk to the airplane. No aerobridges, and when it is raining, you gotta use ur umbrella to get to the plane. The plane, what can i say? Althought leather seats were definately a plus point, but it was abit crammed, thank god i am not fat. Haha.

Bali : DAY ONE

All packed, and ready to go. Yes, that is my ever famous gotta use them disposable undies.

We had Mc D's b4 entering the plane. The Mc D's meal at the airport was more expensive. Damnit.

LCCT's check in counter.

All of my baby cousin brothers/ sisters which tagged along for the trip. The lady in the middle is my aunt.

We were all digging into Mc D's before the flight.

After what seemed like eternity, we boarded the plane. My whole family had priority seatings, because we had 4 toddlers tagging along. So, we got the front seats.

The bunch of us. Spot the 2 babies at the corner, with their mom, dad and granny.

After the safety briefing, off we went ! To Bali !! The flight took almost 2 3/4hours.

It was a night flight, so we reached there, it was about 20 mins past midnight. No action for the first night, immedieately crashed out on the hotel bed and slept.


The hotel is SUPERB. The decor was 100% balinese, the rooms were traditional and the service was great. The minute we set foot at the hotel, the staff greeted us, we were showered with welcome cocktails and everything just went well. Have a look at the pictures.

Very balinese. These are the rooms, one by one, with a balcony.

The sunken pool bar. Swimming pool was great!!

Balisani Padma Hotel. My accomodation.

The basin in my room, one the right is the toilet bowl, and the left is the bathtub.

The beds. I shared a room with my bro.

Lazy chairs for you to relax by the pool.

My cuzzie's family havin their brekkie.

The ladies for the trip. From left to right: My cousin, my cousin 2, my mum, my aunt and my distant aunt.

Even the door lock was classic.

And to sum it up for this post, b4 i continue, here the last pic for the post.

Me, and the rooms in the background.

Next post, will be on the places of attraction, the nightlife, clubs, and food.

Till then, see ya !

Monday, October 23, 2006

i'm gone

By the time you read this, i am already on the plane, to bali. Probably not there yet, but i have left home. Well, what can i say, i hope that everything goes well.

I will be gone for 4 days, and will return on Friday. Yeah, no updates for 4 days, but nevertheless, i hope you guys still give my blog a good show.

B4 i leave, here are some snapshots to what i have been doing for this period of time. Past, present and now. All very random, so just enjoy the pictures.

Chinese New Year Party @ Rachel's Place.

Playin mahjong, the girl is Steph and I am on the right.

The girls gambling, From Left, Chia, Mae, Miss Something and Ee Fei.

Handing out the winning cash. From left: Kp, Chian and Xiang.

Mae's "Special Invites Only" Party.

Callie, Lynn and Me.

The girls, with Mae's mum.

The food for the party. It was erm, Wrap your own Popiah party. FANTASTIC.

And b4 we knew it, the girls we going to Aussie. Here's their farewell party, at Chilis OU.

Soo Huan, Sha Lene, Denise and Chian.

You know them all to well already =)

Half of the party. About 30 ppl came, and the bill came up to about Rm 700+.

*to be con't...................

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