Sunday, August 24, 2008

tysern's daddy tries to be young

Today, while having our special invite session to the launch of MOF ( Ministry of Food) @ Pavillion KL, my dad was like:-

Dad: Eh Tysern, all those young ppl ar, damn like to camwhore right. How do they strike a pose with their food?

Tysern: Erm, not too sure, but i know there's this " Oh I'm gonna attack my food look" kinda shit lar

Dad: You mean like this ar?



Tysern: ( ! . !) ( He's 59 this year, no fucking shit)

Anyway, the next post would be my advert cum promotion post on the MOF Japanese Sweets and Dessert Grand Premier.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

tysern learns to camwhore

And so, the outcome of my first lesson,

Lesson One :- Check Face Look.

Lesson Two:- Check for pimples pose

Lesson Three:- Peace "wanna be cute" pose

Lesson Four:- The Lala pose.

Lesson Five:- Hold cam high high to see tetek pose.

*Ermm, I'll only post this on special request. Don't wanna expose muah sexy tits to the cyberspace. Haha*

Fine, I was bored in LAN class and I messed with LWL's laptop.

Anyway, rate my poses on a scale of 1-10. Do it for fun and laughter, LOL.

Cheers, have a great weekend.

P/s:- Did i tell you my LAN work nearly made my balls explode? More on that in my next post.

Monday, August 18, 2008

durian + curry laksa session

Finally, i have the time to write this. Just to recap my previous weeks, which i have practically zero time to study, let alone to blog.

a) Cousin's Birthday
b) Fai's Homecoming
c) LAN, LAN and even more LANCIAU work.
d)Bitch Quizzes and Presentations.
e)Friend's farewell
f) Another friend's farewell
g) bla bla bla, and the list goes on................

My LAN subject assignments are a huge bitch. I hate them. I HATE THEM.

Come on man, a 3500 word essay just to explain the theory of woohhh, "Morality", give me a kick in the nuts alright.

Oh so anyway, did i tell you that I attempted my hand at curry laksa?

It was a recipe from a friend, and trust me, making this soup is hard work. Pure hard work. Now I know how it feels to be a hawker.

Getting all these ingredients right weren't so hard after all, probably peeling the cockles were the hardest of this part.

If you're wondering, this happened almost a month ago.

Called the usual bunch over to sample my masterpiece creation.

Digging into the fare.

Apparently my curry laksa was good enough to be sold lar, they say can buka kedai already. Oh well, now u know who cooks well eh =p

We are like total pigs alright. Straight after eating, we plonked our asses down on the mahjong table, and then later hentamed the durians and re-plonked out asses on the mahjong table again.

Hah, so what, i got 2 Fei ok. OMG, talking about mahjong, Ken Chong did something so OMG, you hear also you laugh alright.

So i had 4 Sei Tongs lar, and the i Kong lar, naturally.
And my kong was showing for like quite long already lar,
This KC go and call ka long sei tong, and after the game he was like,
SHIT FU** man, i call sei tong so long already, why no one throw one

I and Thong Siang was like -_____-

Skip this lar if you don't play mahjong. Haha

Soon after, it was durian eating session. KC taking LC as hostage.

This first batch of durians wasn't really that good, truth to be told. It lacked the moisture in the texture. The 2nd batch from my family's farm was fantastic.

One thing's for sure, it really looked good.

These 2 were just waiting for Ah King Durian Seller to chop open the durians. Why durian seller, see below man.

Damn look like durian salesman lorr.

Durian opening in progress.

What did i say about us ploking down right after eating the durians? Oh well, super unhealthy, but who cares anyway?

That's all for now, i should be able to update more this week. Have a great week guys.

On something totally unrelated, i am soooo hooked onto the nintendo Wii.

I don't care, i am getting one, i wanna bug my dad to buy me one right after my exam. I sound like a small kid right?

I mean tennis on it is like super fun wei, can play non stop.

Till then lar, bye!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

super busy & a birthday wish

I have a huge ass economics assignment to hand in tomorrow, and it carries 20% of my total final exam marks.

Very stressed out.

On a lighter note, it's Chong's birthday in a couple of hours, so here's to you


Yes, we're that young alright.

Good luck, god bless and many happy returns of the day!

Friday, August 08, 2008

durian party, sneek peek

Too busy right now to update, too much durian to digest for the time being.

My Durian and Curry Laksa Feast will be up shortly.

In the meantime...............

Specially brought back from my aunt's orchard in Raub. Yes, we went all the way there.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

a litte bit of everything

Damn, college assignments are piling up again and my blogging time has been practically cut down to almost 0%. Anyway my midterm results are out and they're ok, you know, just OK ahh, fine maybe they're a little bit above average, so if i want my A's i have to do good in my final exam. Oh well, let's hope for the best.

Back to my jogging and swimming plans, i successfully managed to trim off a wee bit off 1-2 kilos off my waist, that is after huge pressure from my mum to revive my jogging plan. Oh well, live healthy as they say, i see everyone's practically joining either dance aerobic classes or signing up with gym plans. Maybe it's the in thing now, but anyway, I doubt i can hold on to this regime for long. Oh well.

Ken Hui's leaving this Sunday, and i'm going out with the usual gang for dinner later at night, I have my cousin's birthday party later this weekend, and after these two, i have preety nothing much to do for the week, which I SHOULD BE ADAPTING EVERY DAMN WEEK, to put aside time to study. My finals are up in 3 weeks man, and i really badly want the A's.

So anyway, pictures, here they are. ( I practically counted my total spendings this month ( there will be another update on my PC Fair Purchases), and i blew off around 1.4k at the PC Fair) Gosh, i should learn to trim more, but you know, part of the 1.4k is for my family's benefit, so count that as an investment lar, and furthermore it's not my money, so..... @.@)

Ok, cut the crap.

1. Nimalan was back from UK, and we had a mini meeting up session on the poker table ( which i sucked at really badly, and ended up losing), but the entertainment and company counts I guess.

2. Yi Ting and Nimalan. We were gathering at Ting's place for the night.

3. Kevin + Lynn, Lynn has left for Australia already, yeah her holidays are up and she had to go back, so things are preety quiet these days. Nim's also due back in one more month plus. Kevin is on the other hand back in Singapore already.

4. We had Green Apple Smirnoff Vodka to savour and it tasted sooo good when we mixed it with the fruit punch. Dear me, i almost whacked like 1/2 the bottle. ( Anyway lesson learnt, do not buy unflavored vodka to mix, the last unflavored Smirnoff i had tasted hot and bitter man)

5. Thong S and Chongx joined us too after their mamak session.

6. And Patrick came too later.

7. Taken while shopping at Uptown D'Kota the other day, these 2 got shades while i got myself an electric shaver. They wanted the old retro look, hence the shape. Btw, each pair was going for RM 15.

8. Shot during the DJROA Bowling Competition which Tyron got 1st Place, sadly i didn't had the time to join because i was giving tuition that night. Oh yeah, and as the winner, he had to pose with....

9. .......bowling Balls as his boobs. The 2 uncles next t0 him got 2nd and 3rd respectively.

10. Everyone that bowled that night, kudos to them for arranging such a great event, I'll be definitely joining next year if i have time.

Finally this has got to be the highlight story of my post. You see right, i have mentioned it before that in order to save RM 3 a day, we park at the residential area, but at places that are NOT OBSTRUCTING residents, i.e near empty vacant bungalows or small lanes.

And so, it wasn't long before Wei Loon received a bitch ass letter from a resident.

11. Do we look like we give 2 shits?!


Wei Loon parked his car totally nowhere near her gate and she started grumbling. You know yes it know it sucks if someone parks right in front of your gate ( I do agree with her on that point), but the land that we park on is so totally not her land ( in fact, far away from her land) and she has absolutely no right of claim based on the Law of Land. Shit, why do i sound like a lawyer,

If you want a clearer view of the demeaning message,

12. Haha, she had the cheek to address us as illegal parkers,

So anyway, we do plan to write a reply letter to her, and leave it on our car windscreen and park even nearer to her house, with the heading,

Dear Resident,


From "Illegal Parker".

Anybody can give me any suggestions to the content, the bitchier the better. Please do leave your ideas. Best bitchiest reply earns a free meal from me.

So long, taa-dah!


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