Friday, December 29, 2006


I will not be blogging until the line gets better. As you guys know, the line is completely utter bullshit. Seriously.

Posting up photos takes god damn long to load, visitin webpages are now as long as downloadin items.

In the mean time, Happy New Year and Happy Belated Christmas you guys out there.

When i get back, i have loads, loads and LOADS of pics to show u guys.

See ya !

Monday, December 11, 2006

it only felt like yesterday

Yeap. The feeling when i had the Form 3 Cengal Reunion, felt like everything that happened was just yesterday. So anyway, before i get into the reunioun/party, i'll update you guys on my current status.

Hmm..let's see, i just came back from Camerons. Oh well, as you guys know, there are 2 roads leading to the peak. The old road, and the new road. Obviously, the new road is much faster and not so winding, and that's why practically all the cars now use the new road. Unfortunately, when my family was returning home, the new road was jammed like shit.

So, we had no choice but to take the olde route.

Now, i understand why my old maid vomitted until she lay flat on the grass, on our last trip there about 10 years ago.

It's no joke seriously. 2 1/2 hours of non stop winding shit, no overtaking at all ( that's because the road is too narrow).

Lesson learnt, never opt to go to Camerons with the old road. Unless, u really are asking for trouble.

Next, holidays are quite great actually. I know some people are saying it's sien or whatsoever, but hey, i think there are a great lot of things to do, if ya really bored. Besides going out, u can take up a hobby, catch some movies at the cinema, or learn a new language. For me, since all the australian babes are back, and yes, it's time to go out even more.

Shogun Jap Buffet, Even more Karaoke Session, probably looking at the rave on the 29th, 2x Christmas Parties, DDR Hangout Sessions, Mahjong Sessions with Ee Fei, Mae and co, Banyak Lagi la. So much to do, but yet so little time.

My driving lessons are coming along pretty well to. Oh well, the one month ruling for the L license mayb indeed a blessing ya know. Thanks to it, my lessons need not to be packed to the brim. I can slowly learn at my own pace, eg. one week one or twice is MORE THAN SUFFICE. Earliest for my test would be the 2nd/3rd of week Jan, so expect me to fetch u guys for a ride probably after the 3rd week la. That's if i pass alrite?

After much ranting, haha, it's back to the 3 Cengal Party. Guess where?

At my house lo, where else. Planning was a tad stressful, but to get 90% attendance, it was very worth it.

You guys ought to give Yude Che and Calvin a medal for actually coming on time.

As time progressed, more and more people flooded my house.

This was about half the crowd.

Drinks for the night.

Cina memang cina lah. The could not resist the Mahjong Table.

From left, Wen Jie, May, Teri and Yude Chi.

Serena and Peng Cheng.

Anna, Ling and Chian, who just came back from australia.

Mei Jean hiding behind Teri.

After playing all the games, i.e Taboo, Mahjong, Agent 007, DDR and Card Games, we took grou[ shots. Among them,


The bunch of us. 20 peeps.

It's amazing to see how a class of 03' still get to gether like this man. Anyway, will be looking forward to more parties in this month.

And in the planinng, my Form 6 Mates party. It's gonna fun fun fun all the way.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

why does it look so, familiar?

Something Vanessa must see. As you guys know, her new blog, has a poster of Marilyn Monroe, as her head banner.

Here it is ;

Yeah, sexy monroe. Now, when i saw her banner, i knew something was funny.

I've seen this before, BUT WHERE THE HECK I SAW IT?!

Naturally, i stared thinking and thinking and thinking la. Where....where? And then it hit me.

Ah..ha. No wonder la. It's the same poster hanging on my bedroom wall.

It's the same old lady i see everynight before i go to sleep.

No wonder so familiar la. Anyway, she looks quite sexy in this pose yeah. One of her most famous poses i think. Bra half down wit a super low cleavage.

So everytime i see my poster, it automatically links to her blog. Hahaha.......

ministry of leisure

I am getting crazier day by day with all these weird ass titles. But nevertheless, this time, it has at least something to do with my posts. As you can see it, it's more going out, going out and GOING OUT. And how can i forget, the party at my house?

Oh well, read on to find out more.

But before i start on my side of the story, pictures @ Sha-Lene's House. Her 18th Bday.

Juney. Her bubly smile make those people who don't smile lifeless man.

Azrina and Sha-Lene. Haven seen these two babes in god-knows-how-long.

Nick and Joshua. Joshua, here, sharing funny tales about Ken Hui, his a-levels classmate. Yeah, Ken Hui, we all knew how u burnt ur wire. Haha.......

Juney and Sook Yen with Josh. Playing taboo. Which of course, i rocked in it la. They were like , TYSERN !!! , u're godlike in this game.

Tse Mun and Vanessa. Haven seen these 2 babes in years. Especially Vanessa on the right, in blue. When i saw her, i was like Whoaa... Haven seen her in almost 5 years. Although time has taken its place, her character is still like wow, the same old self. Great !!

Anyway, more pictures and the "juicier" part of the story can be found at Shalene's Blog or Vanessa's Blog.

So that's about it for the party, now back to the real deal.

It was a cool Friday night, and i was all geared up for Justea Battle of the Bands, to support my friend, Patrick.

Stage layout was cool. Unfortunately, because of the rain, the event was postponed one hour later.

Lighting effects were good. PA system kept breaking down at the start, probably due to the rain short-circuiting the wires.

My friend's band, The Breakfast Club in Action.

Singin out loud. Nevertheless, the competition was very good exposure.

After his performance, we went and took a bite at Kim Gary's. Were we famished by then. Those who joined us, Charz, Kah Fai, King Wei, Shon, Sze Wei, Patrick and Quin.

Ah Fai and King Wei.

Quin and Pat digging into their dessert, which ironically, came first. WTF man? I mean like, which restaurant serves dessert first?

Shon and Sze Wei.

Their Cheese Baked Rice. The standard is not so good already. Cmon man, the cheese is like dam fuggin little lah. Bahh....

Hmm...and that's about it lah, until friday. Oh, and did i tell u guys, that i will be going to Camerons next week. Wooohoo....I love my life man. Photos on my gatering-cum-party next !!

Monday, December 04, 2006

lady, hit me tonight

Ok, screw the title. It has totally nothing to do with what i wanna write. U wanna know how i came up with the title? Oh well, i was thinking of a title for this post, and the song on the radio went,

Lady, hit me tonight....
Cau'se my beating is just soo right....
Can't you see....
Your my D-Light.....

Okay, so that's how i came up with it. Now shut up and don't ask.

And so ya, ok ya, since i can't write so much in that pathetic taggie to reply all of your comments, i'll reply them here. First,

Vanessa: Omg, how could you score 49/50, when u dunu BM, you took the english version issit, or did you copy the fella beside you. Hahahhaa, just kiddin laaaaa......

Fei : Ya, me too. They asked me, Apa perlu kamu buat jika ingin brek dgn tiba tiba a/p menunggang motosikal? Anyway, 49/50 is good enuf liao. Dunu whether ppl got full marks anot?

Shalene : Nevermind. High 5. *smack* I got 48 also. Hehe

Mabel : Eh, my family kena cheated when we ate seafood. The guy bringing us around took us to a place to eat fish, crabs, lobster and etc etc... The bloody bill came up to about RM 500+ ( 1.2 Million Rupiah). Damn man.

Zsern: Walau, u better teach me how to drift man. Of course i din do so well on the hill la, FIRST TIME trying la my dear. But i think wira's a better la of cuz. Haha, anyway, yeah i agree on the bribe part. I don't think i will bribe la. So fugging expensive weih. And i plan to change to auto, once i get my license la. My parents would never buy me a manual car, and all my cars at home are auto. My mum does not know how to drive manual also.

Charz: Haha yeah... the kancil's pedals are quite close to each other man. I think if you girls wear HUGE ASS platform shoes, walau, sure overstep the accelerator wan.

Alright, all done right? Did i miss out anyone's comment? If i missed out, jangan kecil hati la. Probably i din't see or what la. Okay, back to my topic:-

Ex Form 3 Class Get-2-Gether Gathering.

3 Cengal. It's been at least 3 years since all of us left that hapenning class. Yet, the spirit still bonds us together as a family. And yes, we do go for dinner's, parties or get-2-gethers say like once a year or so. How often do u get a class as close as this man?

Buffet steamboat. Where else, at Restaurant Talipon.

Wen Jie posing with her signature crabsticks.

Barbequeing was definately unhealthy man. Ok, food was not very good la, but so long for the company lah. Almost all of 3 Cengal's Members turned up.

Wen Jie, Ling Fern and Ty.

Arthur and Calvin.

Sue, Jack and Jiun Yen.

Anna, in the middle.

After eating, we went to Shamus's House to chill for abit. Before going to the mamak to have a drink AGAIN at 12.00 midnight.

Chilling @ Shamus's Place. The 2 girls in the middle are, May and Teriboobies.

Taboo, bring it on man.

Playing speed on the floor.

Peng Cheng.

And the night did not just end there. Haha, Mamak Session @ Mohsin after that.

We were kinda tired, and almost snoozing off on the table.

Suckin on it man.

Fei Yao. He's the man for the night man. The driver, that drove us around. Woohoo....

And if you guys thought this is a busy night, haha, i haven't told u guys my other part of the story. While in the midst of all this, i excused myself for Sha Lene's 18th Birthday Bash.

It was great. Good drinks, great party and ultimately, the company of all the people present. Old faces like Vanessa, oh my god, i almost could not remember her when i saw her, and loads more of other people.

Pictures up on the next post. Oh well, guess what i gave Sha Lene?

Tata, take care. Me, out.

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