Saturday, August 27, 2005

it's time to bitch's time to bitch about teachers...oh yeah oh yeah..i have compiled their photos and expressed my views on them. Go ahead, u can bitch more about my guest...blast your views at them..wahahahaha

Friday, August 26, 2005

monica : oh' i'm so cuteee i'm so cutee.see see...i know i'm so cute...cheese
students :'re "cute"..

noor arbaiah....well....hmmm
PROS : generous in marks
CONS : SUKA bising-bising, easy agitated, PMS mayb, alergic to noise lah..noor lah

aznishah...oh well....the most irritating rat in school
PROS: Used to be hell of a lazy pig
CONS : She's changed for the better

back view of Saik BU....bloddy fiziks teacher
PROS: Professinal Crap Scientist...she can lecture for an hour but u learn nothing...
CONS : Hell boring, suka bising-bising, super lame at times

cecilia....haha...she's in JAIL...ahhaha
CONS : often talks too much, her moral lessons are the human sleeping pil. seriously

this is mr khairul...our super kick ass EST teacher.
PROS: dam nice, very friendly, tries to keep good relationships with students, and always absent.
CONS: laggy, talks very slowly, very slowly, like he's dreaming or sumthing liddat


ok fine, i am such a NUT. yeah u heard it..a nut.a blardy lazi nut...gosh told myself..tuition at 11.00am..tuition at 11.00....then when i went there...whoops...class started like 1/2 hour ago..oh well..who cares...fine fine..back to my's perfect..seriously...minus the fact that we got trials lah. i have been pushing myself to study very hard..and JOY..u heard it..i covered 4 pages of sejarah. YES that's it..4 pages...i plan to do more later..haha
to make matters worse, we have been given SHIT add m3...i do until wanna cry ade la..ahh..fuck it...i will jus copi from other school's, my planning is up the wall.....u wanna heard my schedule for tomorrow..well here it goes....

10.00-11.30 am : tuition
11.30- 2.30pm : group study at fren's place
2.30-6.00pm : at fren's house to rap up SHIT project
6.30pm - party ends : fren's b day party

this is just sooo shitty la...dam it...i got no time even to go home. gotta pack my clothes and stuff into my bag...bathe outside...omg...ishh..teruknya.....

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Perfect matcho

Which Naruto Character Are You?
Test by naruto -


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