Sunday, December 30, 2007

i have tried,

Oh yes, i am just back from Jason's party, and yes, i shotgunned down cans of beer.

If you don't know what shotgunning is, well, shotgunning is simply this,

Haha, thnx to patrick.

Anyway, i am so tipsy now, i can't update on anything, see you tomoro kay.

Bye bye.

Friday, December 28, 2007

At Shiau's Place,

First and foremost, Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.

I have parties (xmas and new year) on the 27th, 29th and the 31st. I have the old school Form 3 Gathering on the 30th of Dec. Really busy schedule up there, but then, i will try my best to find time to blog alright.

Anyway, the 27th event was at Shiau's, and the theme was Merry Christmas in conjunction with his birthday. Hence,

Presents, abound and aplenty.
Yeah, time to share the love and joy.

From left, Yee Han, Vitya, Jiaqi and Guo Zhang.

The boys, hanging by the computer b4 the party started.

Chid, Sze Wei, David, Ty and Jason.

Later, more and more people came.

Like so,

Those 2 on the right hand side were the main stars of the night, celebrating their birthday's cum the christmas event.

And when everyone was ready, the christmas feast begun. Behold......

Domino's and KFC's by the barrels.

There was plenty to go around.

Everyone was busy talking, eating and drinking.

Once everyone was settled, the most interesting part of the night begun, present exchanging.

It was hilarious as hell i tell you, here were the rules of the game. Everyone is to bring a present, and a lucky draw would be held to determine which present goes to who, who and so on.

Guys being guys, we brought crazy weird looking stuffs as,

Satchid's dildo look alike present.

And so, the exchanging begun,

Chung Kent was the first to receive a BIG ASS, yes i mean BIG ASS present. He was Soooooo excited and when he opened it, it was a shoebox filled with.........

Rubbish..... Hahhaaa, alright, the present was a tiny heart shaped wooden puzzle from Sze Wei.
Oh well, the present was unique, and we all were conned by then shoe box filled with newspaper to make it look big. Hahaha

And then it came to Satchid's turn to turn in his dildo like present to Pik Yuen, a girl. The crowd went crazy i tell you,

When Pik Yuen was ripping it apart, all the guys was cheering,

"Dildo" !!!
"Dildo" !!!
"Dildo" !!!

The was blushing as hell i tell you.

Yeah, there she was, and when she ripped it open,
hahaha, noooo, it wasn't a dildo, it was a long tube ornament display thingy-ma-jiggie.

Can use ah?

And so, more and more people ripped open their exchanged gifts, and to their delight, there were GREAT presents for everyone.

The girl in pinkish red was Yu Ting. Kah Fai, on the other hand came up with the most LAMEST EVER sentence.

He shouted out, Hey Yu Ting, "Yu Ting" you can open it?!


Sze Wei checking out his loot.

Patrick with his pressie.

After all the fun and games, it was time for Shiau and Hui Ling to open their birthday present.

We had a gag present for Hui Ling, it was HUGEEE and HEAVYY.

She was sooo excited, and when she opened it, it turned out to be....

A huge ass, yeah you know what is that. Haha, just a joke, the real present was kept hidden by Shiau.

Then, other crazy present poured in, such as the self declared....

Panties laundry bag.

Watch the vid, especially the end. Hilarious.

Shiau's PB sign.

And then, it was cake blowing, before the end of the party.

Awww.. the cheesecake on the right was awesome.

A MEGA Happy Birthday to you 2,

and after the party, the rest of us just chilled playing taboo until the wee hours of the morning.

That's all folks.

More party updates to come, i have, My BBQ Party which is already past due, Jason's on the 29th, Cengal Reunion on the 30th, Pat's on the 31st. Yes, alot coming thru.

Till then, goodbye.

Friday, December 21, 2007

mini hiatus

Arghhh, i will be off to Cameron's for 4 days, from the 22nd to the 25th of Dec, as for now, i can only reveal to you guys the sneek peek of the langkawi trip.

Oh, it was a blast. A few got super drunk and konk-ed out, but the juicy parts of the story will be revealed when i get back. Haha...

There was,

Hard Liqour Mixing.

Kong-ed out participants. Haha, don't get me started on the puking parts.

Island hopping.

Cable-car hijacking. Hahaha...

More island hopping posing.

And finally,

Even more hardcore drinking.

Monday, December 10, 2007


The title up there explains alot about my dissaperance from the bloggin scene. Alright as a warm-up, STPM is finally over, to put it into words, alot of us did not really scream and tear our hair up after the exams.

At this kinda age, everyone was just so relieved and thankful that our holidays have just begun.

Not gonna blog much about STPM as most of my fellow school mates have already poured out their rantings about the exam, not gonna bore you thru my rantings. I have only one thing to say, as the saying goes, STPM is hard. True, very true.

I am currently typing out the events of my birthday celebrations, so this post will hang in awhile. Anyway, for those who wishes, thank you alot, for those who suprised, you guys rocked, for those who attended the BBQ party, you guys are the BOMB!

Haha, alright, back to my typing. Brb awhile.

And oh yes, Prom and Langkawi trip, IS IN THIS DAMNNN WEEKKKK.

Guess what, tysern has yoga classes tomorrow. Hahahhaa

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