Wednesday, October 29, 2008

something needs to stop somewhere

I wish that the day will just stop for a moment for me to catch my breath.

Just give me a minute, will yah.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Singapore, Day 2 ( Night Vice) - St James Powerhouse.

My uni friend who studied in Singapore a few years back told me that there was another club near powerhouse called butter factory. No it does not produce butter, but its just that way. SG Clubs have weird names eh?!

Today, when i was in my super boring macroeconomics lecture, my friend blurted out a joke to me, and here it is.



Haha, that joke really got me good.

More updates on my life, as you guys know, my uni has already started, hence it would be ending very soon too. As this is only a short semester for me (8 weeks, and this week is already the first), my classes are like super duper packed, somewhat like squishing an elephant into a rat's hole. My macroeconomics lecture is like 6 hrs per week, excluding tutorials, which in turn would come up to about 8-10 hours a week. Crazy eh, and that's just one subject.

Exam results are out, and I'm kinda relieved. Not gonna post em here, if you want to ke po chi, ask me lar then. Oh well, for being who I am, slacking off esp on my microeconomics, boleh larr, well, as for accounting, i though i could do better but since my cgpa is quite pleasant, seriously i should just shut up and aim better this sem.

While i just aimed to pass my LAN subjects, I DID QUITE WELL, suprisingly. esp for Malaysian Studies. Life sucks is it, you want these grades for your core subs, but then they appear on the minor subs. Like what the fuck lar?! How nice if you can just swap things around.

So anyway, back to my pictures, FINALLY. I tell you, I'm probably the worst blogger in terms of updating. All my posts are like stuff that happened quite some time ago. I think i should just change my blog's name to Sejarah Tysern or something of that speed. Get it yah? =)

Ooohh, i remembered I payed like only $14 ( which comes up to about RM 33)for the entrance fee, much cheaper than Euphoria in Kl lar, okay, gila exp.

While waiting for the bus to arrive. Only in SG will you take the night bus to go clubbing ok, see how lucky Malaysia is, drive here lar, drive there lar. But good in one way, drunk driving is a rarely a problem.

The bus was really empty that night, and hence i turned on my built-for-camwhore-cam and snapped away.

Doesn't take a genius to tell that my cam's night mode sucked like shit.

We reached there at around 10.00 plus, and it was only then the club started to really fill up.

Jing Ti and Tammy.

With the 2 boys, Cheez and Chong.

The round podium that you can see was later only for girls to go up and dance. DAMN SEXIST lorr, as if the guys gonna rape the girls like that, if they go up and dance with them.

Hah, did i tell you that in SG, you can just leave your handphone and wallet on the table while you go and dance, so safe kan. I saw a girl dumping her stuff on the podium while she went and dance.

They actually have smoke machines to make up for the lack of smoke in the club. As this is a smoke free club, the smoking area outside was so darn smoky, as if the club was on fire. God knows, how can they stand it.

These two peeps actually warmed up the crazy dancing session by leading the way, from the looks of it, i bet with ya these 2 come to places like this every single day!

At around 12 midnight, the club was SUPER DUPER PACKED. So terrible, till the extend that if you fainted, you'll probably faint standing cuz there ain't no place to collapse man.

It was so shitty packed that i moved up to the next level, WHICH WAS ALSO AS BAD. From here, you can see the main dancefloor.

With our drinks. The vodka lime was Super Nice lorr, like teh limau ais only, minus the sugar.

Halfway through the night, they engaged performers to actually dance and show us what real dancing is lah. Truth to be told, my dancing sucks poo, so bad, i look like I'm spasming when i dance.

We also had beers for the night, which we opted for cause we were so darn dehydrated from the dancing.

The delivery pipe for the Tiger was SO FREAKING COLD, until a layer of ice actually formed on it. See the white sheet, that's ice man.

And after that, we attempted lala poses, which again, AKU GAGAL OK. Damn CMI lar,

The silent pose,

The V for Vag*** Sign, and

Eh, this maybe my best lala pose lorr, seriously.

The remaining shots of the night,

Chong, Riana and Cheez.

The club called it a day at 4.30AM, and since we were car-less, we had no choice but to wait until 6AM for the first MRT to take us home.

And while waiting, we had,

McD's for breakfast. Their so called Breakfast Mcgriddles totally sucked man, DO NOT ORDER THAT alright. Malaysia's Sausage Mc Muffin w Egg was WAYY BETTER.

That's all for that, i really gotta thank Chong, Cheez and Chong's Frens for making the night super duper fun. Never dance so madly in my life before, and my poor shoes was so badly stomped they look like shit right now.

Anyway anyhow, i had a lot of people asking me to do a clubbing review of Malaysia vs Singapore and asked me to pick a clear winner. Oh well, in terms of Music, I believe Msia has better RnB song tracks, but not to say SG doesn't play super power music.

You know really, why not you make your own decision because my next post will be on,

Bass Agents @ Titanium.

Look at Shon man ! That basta** was smoking out the tunes mann.

Damn slack lar kok hui, he actually wore almost pajamas man. The absolut went DAMN WELL WITH THE ORANGE juice ok. Somemore it was grape flavoured, damn on man.

Why the school uniform, tell you later lah =)

And finally, can anyone help me out with my Halloween Costume for the upcoming nuffnang party at Borneo Baruk Club, should i go as

A) a horny devil?
B) a dead bridegroom?
C) a slutty lalachai
D) a blooody butcher?

HELP ME OUT OKAYY, I'm gonna rent my costume this week itself.

Haha, have a great day people!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

smile on me

Sometimes, little things in life really do cheer up your day. Was thinking of ranting (not that I actually do, or done before on this blog), but then seeing your little young students actually start dating with each other, super cute lorr.

Life can be depressing out there, with all the super-shocking financial meltdown happening, banks crashing and what not shit, my parents are also worried sick about the financial situation going on in the world. When huge financial groups crash, it may affect their career and in turn affect the family.

Not only that, my plan to work out my funds has like TOTALLY FAILED, and can you guess, just last month alone i blew off so much cash till the point i went almost broke, or rather broke out flat. It's okay to hit rock bottom sometimes, but the fact is I'm earning a wee bit each month, ( with my allowance it's about 800+ per month), my dad pays for my phone bill, petrol and shopping, and he gives me allowance every week, and I STILL GO BUST, and the funny thing is, I didn't really purchase anything exp, eg; handphone, last month. What the fuck lar? Am I that bad in planning? Chong arr, teach me how to save money okayy?

This month, I've decided to totally cut a lot of things out. NO MORE FOR ME. No more night leisure, it's just too costly, fine not to say that I go like every week but I think the paying really sucks and this must stop lorr. Less eating out, more eating at home, and definately LESS JUNK FOOD, like McD's or Ramly. No more splurging on life, like the other day i was too lazy to wash my own car, so i sent it to some "so-called" car care centre which costed me quite a bit to wash my car, or the other day i spent over 60 bugs just on shopaholic and sidney sheldon novels. I must get rid of this really bad habit of mine where I would always want to read a new novel, which I own myself, and I should resort to just borrowing from the library whenever I can.

Now it seems like a joke, the other day i was writing down my must-purchase list,

1. Nintendo WII
2.Nintendo DS Lite
3.New GPS Handpone.
4.DSLR ( Probably from the alpha range)

Yeah you see, how to buy lorr, but then, I WANT THE WII LORR, it's like the first thing I must buy when I have money. Maybe, we'll see alright, on whether i can save some money up for the end of the year. Then only, I'll decided whether to reward myself or not. Haha

On another note, uni is starting again, and this is gonna be a short semester for me, which means I only need to take 2 subjects. One, which I am confirmed to take is Business Statistics and another which i have yet to decide. Talk Business Stats, Talk Poisson Dist, Probability, nCr, nPr and things like that.

Which I totally suck at. Seriously. Die lorr, someone help me please.

Sigh, i really miss my buddie's companion, joke and laughter. I really miss the times when everything seemed to be going super well. I want back my happy-go-high moments, and most importantly I want back my company and my time. Those days seem like eternal bundles of joy; Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find.....

Maybe the last paragraph was a little bit over written and dramatic, but then hey, don't worry about it, little things in life really do make my day, as I was saying in the start, seeing you students start dating really is CUTE and FUNNY.

To Kevin, Chong and Pat, remember Loh Jian Lin, from 1 Jati, the guy which I always called a rockstar wannabe because of his black-ish eyes, AS IF HE PUT ON MASCARA?!

Here's something to refresh your memory.

I got this pic off Audrey's, and DAMN, those great times with the students. Sigh.
Btw, Jian Lin's the guy in black, on the right, standing. I still remember how he used to ask me for more marks for his sej test, and how he would always come up with great excuses when his hwk was blank.

Yeah, and he's dating my good friend, Rachel's, smallest sis. Small world huh. I remember those times when Rachel would tell me how cute her little sister is, that would ask questions about anything under the sun and actually freak out for UPSR, huh, yeah right. And when i went over to rachel's house, i used to poke funny questions at her and she would actually like give me the "er why are you asking so much" kinda look lol.

Imagine if one day if we meet up, and she brings Jian Lin, and she asks me, "Mr Tysern, never bring your girlfriend out arh,"

MALU LOH, i think I'll just dig a hole and sink into it there and then.


And now, unseen pictures from my handphone. Here they are:-

No 1: We were having dim sum as Danny's Farewell Lunch b4 he left to US.

No 2: Raech and Me.

No 3 : Danny and Ken Chong.

No 4: I was making my passport with KC and ATS a month ago when i suddenly bumped into my super long time no see senior, Adrian, and hence we adjourned to Mango Mania for desserts.

No 5: ATS and KC.

No 6: We had this and AND IT WAS GOOD SHIT DUDE. Yes, i know it looks like shit technically, but it's soo mango-ey and smooth and sweet, it's like sex in your mouth.

No 7: The cheesecakes were quite good too.

No 8: Emily and Quin.

And then the other day, layan-ing Quin shopping,

No 9: She actually had a problem deciding between the red, and the

No 10: Blue one. And being an absolute genius, I did ask her to buy two and give one to Patrick, but i think she took two for herself. Damn layan lorr, hahaa

No 11: We took a drive up to Genting at night and had beer and super yummy fried chicken by the cool chill.

No 12: Our way up, in which we took the trunk road home from Batang Kali, and trust me, that's the last time i wanna take that way. SUPER DUPER LONG OK.

No 13: The beer was super duper cold man.

No 14: Beer and Fried Chicken doesn't get any better in this kinda weather.

No 15: The 3 of us.

No 16: Taken after the DF at Pat's place. The next morning, we went for super yummy fish head beehoon " Yee Tau Mai" at Tmn Desa.

No 17: Liewlala, still in a daze from yesterday's drinks.

No 18: Dude, this shit rocks man. Damn freaking nice, definately the best version i've ever eaten.

No 19: Patrick.

That's all for this most, next post will be my 2-in-one-clubbing post, One in KL and One in Singapore. Save time mah, see you guys, have a great week. Bye!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I’m Going Silent this Halloween with Nokia XpressMusic

Yay, firstly, cheers to Nuffnang and Nokia for yet another awesome party bash. Just a few months back, it was the pajama party, next the wildlife one, and now another kick ass halloween party.

The question is how? Now the catch is, why a silent halloween. Why not just make big creepy noises and blast haunting music all the way through the night?

Let's just get started with the idea of Halloween first.

Does this ring your bell? Trick or Treat?!

Maybe this can bring back scary memories, or even worst,

Okay fine, maybe this last picture is an example of a totally failed Halloween costume.

Now technically, how does nokia express music phones make this whole halloween experience better? Heh, that was one question i was thinking about too for awhile.

1. Oh well, here's a good way which I hope works out. Since Nokia XpressMusic Phones are knowed to play good quality music and movies, upload this movie clip as shown into your nokia phone, and tell em' its a really creepy recording of a ghost caught on tape.

P/s:-Don't watch if you have a weak heart. Don't say that I didn't warn you about the clip. Hehe

2. Shown it around, and the next thing you know, you'll probably be running for your life from being whacked.

Haha, that's all that i can think.

Enjoy Hell-O-Ween this year. Cheers !!

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