Sunday, July 30, 2006

missy su lynn, you're 18 !!

Finally, this post it up. Our dear lovely lady lynn has turned 18 for your information. Legal age to drink, enter clubs and to some, sex. Ok, scrap that off, mayb only I think like that. Hah, so what? Anyway, after what seemed like an eternity of marathon circling OU for a decent and orgasmically nice place to eat, we setteled at Italiannies.

An introduction to our miss lynn here, for those who do now know her, i will recall to the extent to where i can remember about her. Met this shy, tamed yet cute girl back in form 4. It has been 3 years back every since we met, and she has turned from a little student to a matured, seasoned and experienced young lady.

Looking good and cute in school uniform.

This picture sure brings back great memoirs ain't it?

Typically and natural Tysern, in form 5. ( I owned the girls back then) XD =p

Those were the good old days, now moving on, here's the present su lynn.

More recent shots of her.

There you go ! Caught sms-ing your boyfriend in the red ! Haha.

So basically, here are some shots of what we did in Italiannies.

Greeted by a cosy and warm interior, the lunch was going to kick off with great class.

The could do wonders with bread with olive oil and vinegar. For those who have tried this, you can smell what i mean !

We started off our lunch with fried shrimps.

Pasta with delirous tomato puree complemented with huge prawns.

The black forest cake.

Su Lynn + Callie.

Ty + Su Lynn + Callie.

This 2 folks were debating about weight issues. Haha

The cum-creamy, flavourful jelly, softie sponge, and generous portions of embedded chocolate black forest cake. Dig that you guys reading this ! Hah, i'm evil !

After that, we started to cam-whore in the photobooth. Trust me, it's the best place to camwhore secretly. Look what we did !

Callie's face was blocked, nevertheless, we set the camera on self timer !

After that, the girls took control !

That concludes this post ! Happy reading and tata from Tysern!

he is becoming one of them already

Bahhh, tysern has turned into a cam-whorer. So much so he decided to fucking cam-whore in the changing room. Yes, here goes...

Shuush ok. I had no choice. My camera instincts lost control. So question is, should i get this shirt? From PDI, price is not a prob, what do you guys think?

Friday, July 28, 2006

my desire has taken control

Finally, tysern's updating again. Yeah, woohoo. So, do you punks wanna know what's going on in my form six studies? Here a brief update note.

Subjects are alright, altho i just had my first term test, which definately was a disaster for all my sciences. The only manageble subject was general paper. Maths killed me, couldn't answer most of the questions, and i think, yes, I will repeat my horrible add m3 performance in F4. Chem and physics on the other hand was bad, but not as bad compared to math. When the results are out, will keep you all updated on how I fared.

As for the people in my class, yes, there are mainly 2 kinds of species. One will be the funky, talkative and happy-go-lucky type which i prefer to mix with. On the other hand, there are some quiet and fragile kind which i am yet to really socialize with them as some people might be hell sensitive to what i say. So, gonna choose the right words when i wanna joke with them. Hmm, there a nipples-pincher in my class, who LOVES to pinch guys nips. And trust me, it's painful. Very painful. Red marks on my chest almost permanant as to his consecutive pinching. But nevertheless, he's a funky cute guy with humour. Next up, shall we say we have erm, this nice boy and nice gurl, who always clings to each other. Haha, both have fabolous attitutes, and they can divide their time well between their studies and erm, socializing world, which includes ko-ko activities and a whole lot bunch. No doubt both of them are smart, and yes, they are very nice to talk to. Always current on events, and hmm..yeah, our English Teacher's favourite students. P/s :- Yeah, she might be having PMS, but that's the way she is. Hahah

Then sitting on my left and right, my 2 schoolmates since form one. They are, u describe it, erm irritating yet funny and entertaining. They love to come out with the lamest attitudes just to merely get my hyped up for the fun of it. Take for example, exhibit A pours acid into my titration sample, so that i would have to repeat the whole experiment again. This leaves me to use the pipette to jab him in the ribs anytime he repeats his shet. Haha

Sitting in front of me are 2 lovely next door girls, who still are yet to break out from a world of their own. Tho they can talk and joke, day by day i can see that they are becoming more used to the lifestyle and happening attitude of some of my classmates. Slowly but surely, they're changing to a more active and talkative lifestyle.

Actually, there's a whole load more of other nice people in my class. This is just a very brief window that i am going thru.A lot, but yeah, can't write them all down as it will hog up this whole post. I am enjoying myself in my class, and yes, i have no regrets joining form 6 !! Hope this happening attitude improves !


On a more recent note, Soo Huan has left for AIMST (medicine university) in Kedah. Typical tysern, we went for a sumtions dinner before bidding her farewell. We decided on chinese food, so we adjourned to Dragon I for dimsum.

Soo Huan, one of my most chilling, relaxed and "I-Know-No-Fear" friend.

Typical males, we had to foot the bill at the end. Gahhh...

Huan and Wei Chern.

Fried carrot cake. Lo bak ko. Nice weih.

Xiu Long Bau. The skin was paper thin soft, so much so when you lift it up, u can see the soup sagging downwards. Inside, there were generous portions of minced pork with spices.

Glutinous rice ball. I love this dessert. The picture says it all. The filling was sweet and crisp, the skin was soft and thin.

That about all for the dinner, now on to another things.

Loreal was having a warehouse sale, and my mum being a shopaholic, grabbed a set of skincare items for me, without even letting me know! Haha, but yeah, i had a set of skincare to try out.

She got me the whole set, ranging from step one to step four.

firstly, on the leftmost is the deep action cleaser. step 2, toning using the pure zone toner and step 3 would be the moisturizer. according to what it says, the combination will do wonders in 28 days. 28 DAYS WEIH so lets see if anything happens after that period. Haha

Damn, i know i have more cosmetic items than an average girl has. I can show you my collection if i want. But what to do, beauty has to be maintained. Nevertheless, i have never bought any cosmetics for myself. All these items have been donated generously by my aunts and my mum.

Till then , out !

Friday, July 21, 2006

national service

Today, the national service list for my year came out. If you guys din't know, i was born on the 89' year. So naturally, this is my year to see whether i kena national service anot. Finally, the dreaded day came, and it was time for me to check my status, whether i got lucky or unlucky.

I visited their grandmother slow web page, and click on the link to enter my IC number. I was so scared, i could nearly piss in my pants.

Hell is right in front of my eyes!

Slowly and praying hard, i click on the link, and procedeed to enter my IC number. Every digit seemeed to take forever.

After successfully entering all those god damned numbers, i clicked CARI. I was freezing ice in my seat already.

And my results,


This were my results.

You all see that? You see that. Nombor KP TIDAK DIJUMPAI.
Yeah baby, it's time to party !!


On an unhappier note, a couple of my frens got it. Yeah, they got national service. One of them was charlotte, and this is what she saw when she entered in her IC number.

Aih, life sucks man. You know they actually put TAHNIAH when you get it?
Dam sadistic weih!! Urghh....

Anyway, all the best to you gurl. Enjoy yourself in camp alrite? =)
3 months very fast wan lah.

You go girl! You can do it!

Oh well, we'll be waiting for you when you come out from camp.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

like a shark smelling cash

Okay, most of you probably knew this. Correction, practically everyone in Malaysia probably knew about this. Nude squats while in police custody. Yes, very popular, a.k.a ketuk ketampi which u still see standard one kids doing it when they do not bring their books to school. Oh well, at least they do that with the uniform on, not NUDE.

One of the hottest cases that floated up that soup pot was a policeman recording a video clip of an inmate in the lockup doing it. His action of him recording it costed his loads of trouble. He got fired, the goverment got ugly comments, and practically the whole police force was condemened for his STUPID action.

Many of these spotlight problems have dimmed with time, and yes, now it's time for one last hurdle. We all knew it was coming. Everyone saw it coming. It time for the victim to hit back.
She's hitting back, and she wants it NOW.

A hefty amount she demanded for, which comes up to RM 10 million, inclusive of emotional damages, privacy damages and personal loss. 10 million, she states clearly in black and white. I want the compensation, she says.

10 million DEFINATELY SMELLS GOOD. Heck, even her cucu cicit and her cucu cicit's grandsons generation can savour the god-load amount. While some people work their life away, materialistically trying to acquire cash to surpass the one million amout, she's demanding and amount many would dream of, and never even thought possible to acquire through mere nude ear squats.

"Gimme gimme my money money money, " she says. ( $ . $ )

So now, one burning question remains, are her ear squats really worth TEN MILLION RINGGIT. It the 70 second footage worth 10 million ? IS IT?

Don't play play weih. Snapshots of a $$$ ten million dollar $$$ production man.

Her claim to the amount.

1. I want to forget the whole episode, I am embarrassed by the video. Please give me my life back.
2. People would stare at me with dirty looks.
3. I am scared and ashamed to leave my house.
4. I just don't know where to put my face when i meet people.

These were many of the claims she made, leading to her ten million reward. Is it rational, what do you guys think? Is it worth ten million dollar, less than it, or even MOREE? Anyway, this is my opinion to her amount.

opinion to her amount.

1. Ten million dollars, hello? That's alot of money man, yes, you can sue for money, but please keep it in a reasonable figure, say less than Rm 5 Million. Heck, even if people saw your at the Pasar Tani, chances are they would not recognise you. Your identity was kept top secret by the police force. But since you choose to go public, now, even your neighbours will go like, YA ALAMAK, RUPA-RUPANYA MAKCIK YANG TINGGAL BERSEBELAHAN DENGAN KITA MERUPAKAN ORANG YANG MEMBUAT KETUK KETAMPI SPECIAL TANPA BAJU DI LOKAP

3. There is, yes, a chance for you to seek compensation. But i predict that amount will be brought down after negotiations to a much smaller amount, say only 30-40% of her original amount. Even if she gets that, it still a whole load of money. Hey, the goverment don't print money ok. They already kena teruk from this issue, and u wanna ketuk then lagi. Haih.

4. 10 Million she says. This is how i think her mathematics worked. *we all know she did about 7-8 times of squatting right*

One squat = Rm 1,000,000. (she claims)

Eight Squats = Rm 1,000,000 x 8 = Rm 8,000,000.
Emotional Damages = Rm 250,000.
Damage to her self confidence and esteem = Rm 250,000.
Destryoment fees to her future = Rm 125,000

Yeah, that's it, so let's total up.
Rm 8,000,000
Rm 250,000
Rm 250,000
Rm 125,000 +
Rm 8,625,000

Yeah, so, it 8.6 million. But wait, this is Malaysia right, so there will be goverment tax and service charge.

10% service charge, 10/100 X Rm 8,625,000 = RM 862, 500
5% goverment tax, 5/100 X Rm 8,625,000 = RM 512,500.


Rm 8,625,000
Rm 862,500
Rm 512,500 +
Rm 10,000,000

Here's how she calculated out her figure !

So people, watcha think, is this figure too much, or ngam ngam on the dot?
Stay tuned !

p/s : figures, statictics and comments are for entertainment purposes only. the author will NOT take responsibility for and damages, either in cash or otherwise towards any party who reads this. by reading this post, you agree to the stated terms and conditions.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

old slow mr ty

Yaaaa, u know what, finally this old asshole is blogging man. What to do, when your term starts, your holidays become desires and weekdays seem to go on forever. The last i stopped was at erm, my steamboat party, so here goes.

Total amount of guests, 13 people. Let the pictures speak for themselves. Here we go.

Cute?! Wait till you see the video at the end. Haha, cha tou like mad.

Mae : Masuk ini tomyam paste kasi sup PANAS PANAS GILA.
My Dad : Wah, SEI LORR. SO MUCH AH???!!! (! . !)

Amazingly, everyone's laughing in this picture.

I don't care. Next time i throw a party, i'm gonna charge one buck per ride. ($ . $)

Chia and Chian.

Chia knitted the 2 neck warmers for them. Haha, the many wonders of women. Hehe

When the table's set, we rocked the food.

The bunch of us, taboo-ing.

Now, this video explains the stone-ness of ee fei and chia wen. Plz make reference to the first picture !

Haha, get the drift now?

Finally, the grand finale.

Top Row (L-R) Chia Wen, Sue-Mae, Callie, Wai Yee, Su Lynn and Ken Hui.
Sitting on the Sofa (L-R): Xiang, Kee Peng, Yi Chian and Soo Huan.
On the floor (L-R) : Wen Jie, Ee Fei and Tysern.

Okay, that's about it. more to come in my upcoming post.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Oh goodness, looks like the broadband service finally improved. It's still not back to normal, but at least, hey, it improved.

It's faster, but not like last time when i used to get over 600kb/s. Ok lah, jangan complain lagi, hope this figure does not drop.

Doing english assigments are really stressful. Cmon man, public speaking, SPELLING?!, comprehension, and all that crap. If it is easy, i won't mind. The problem is, they're friggin flowery, long winded and confusing.

Post on the happenings, yeah, u all know wat i am gonna write is coming up, once i am done with my homework.

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