Wednesday, September 28, 2005

bloggin's back

here i come on again. bloggin my life out.'s shut for form 5 students today. joy? man..this sucks....i am supposed to study like shit....these 2 days were supposed to be study-leaves and students will go and study till the max. me? i'm just chilling.

okay, lunch at bon-bon's on tuesday ain't that good. kinda feel they have lost touch in their food, but oh's still alright. ppl liake xiang and wai yee were complaining bout the spageti, but hell...i tested a little and thought it was alright. i ate honey me it was good la...wahahaha.....while chian said nothing bout her food...

and oh yes, finally...i am buying my dear sims 2 nightlife. finally...i got the money..yeah..u heard it..the $$$...cuz ada orang jelaskan hutang =p. hehe...anyway..might be buying it this sat at the software boutique...hope it rocks.....

Saturday, September 24, 2005

ride to hell

yes, the ride to hell ended well. after getting back all my subjects, i passed my bio. PHEW

Friday, September 23, 2005

listen up, baby!

Results are back. My life decisions are here. Man, it wasn't that bad, but i knew i could perform better. Good news? 5 A1's. high credits for fiziks and chem. survived hell (add m3). Bad news, bio. if i am gonna pass it...i am only gonna get like 40-42. why? simple la. cuz's it's hard la. like duh. fine let's move on to more funky stuff of the week.

Oh yeah, it's was ckent's b day. ha ha. that straight fella. anyway, he was a good friend. we celebrated in class with a cake. after that, kee peng banyak mulut lah. tak malu wan. haha, asked him whether got dinner anot. anyway, he was actually kidding. but that ckent took it seriously and asked his parents whether his frens cuz join them for dinner that night. guess and kee peng ended up eating with his family and brothers. goodness, i have not done this kinda shit b4. man, at first, malu-malu la. we arrived at the restaurant first and got seats. ckent's family was late...and i was dam scared , in case we got the wrong restaurant. that will be the most HELL paling malu thing in my life. imagine telling the captain that sudah masuk wrong restarant, and wanna chow. anyway, thank god lah. his family came and ordered food. quite good, the food. we ended up eating about 6 dishes. there was butter sauce crab, ginger fish, ku low yok, tau foo, vege and sumthing else that i cannot remember. dam friendly lah, his dad. can joke and all kinds of shit. thankfully, we did not come empty at least..not so malu la. bought him some VCD's to watch. haha.anime

Wooo...funky event number2. Kerjaya had it's own eat out session. Where? in italiannis. u heard it, italiannis. food was great. i only decided to go during schooltime, so, i secretly phoned my mum using kelv's hp, and followed sue-mae home. after that, she decided to drive to 1 utama. but it was early. so wat to do, she fetched me back to my house, so that i can change my clothes and take my hp, since it was so early. but on the way back to my house, it started raining heavily...and yeah..i was abit worried la..cannot see the road.hehe...oh dam cute la. while sue-mae was trying her best to get as close to the ticket booth, where u press the button to get da blardy tix, she went too close. and the car's wheel's got stuck in between the curb. she pressed on the accelerator..vroom vroom..aiyah...but kereta tak jalan. waa....die la. haha..*lucky got me at that time =p* matter la..she just hit reverse and it was fine. all fine. the lunch wan, pasta's pizza's and salad's just the bomb. the bill came to about RM650...but it was expected la. how can u eat at italiannis without burnin a hole in ur pocket. after the meal, followed leng, leon and edmund shopping. i wanted to window shop but i ended up spending money, again. got some books and my face cleanser...after that....i followed sue-mae with denise, azrina, shiat, sara, carmen to the curve. yeah..spend some time there...and now..back here where i am. has been a busy day.

Friday, September 16, 2005

life is speeding

when i was back in standard 3, i thought that jumping to standard 5 was a wise choice indeed. yes, it was. i had great times, despite the fact that i was still very young. as a november child, and average student would have been at least one and a half years older than me. i looked back at my decision and told myself, thank god i did not hesitate to jump. But,

now as time flies by, i had actually no problem coping up with my stuffs. both in terms of studies and friendship. i met great friends, from all kinds of characters and they even treated me as i was a normal from 5 kid. those things were great. but now, down to reality, i am facing a problem. the problem is nothing with friendship or socializing, but the problem is with my further studies. suddenly, i had to make big choices in my life, like job chosing and college choice. i am actually not very prepared with this situation. why, because i still feel i am 15 years old, which i am's like my school life is actually over, so fast. man, this sucks..i actually have to make great choices in my life, while i still feel i am still so young. you see, i planned to apply for some MAS pilot training course after my SPM, but dear me, after my spm, i am only 16 years old. god damn it, shit...apply at 16, become a pilot at 17..if i can..and till the rest of my life....holy cow..that will be hell boring, minus the fact that i may get a huge pay check by the time i am 40.

I still feel i belong to the school, and i have one more year to go. i believe that being young has great advantages, but not this young. i have to plan for my college life already, which i am still not prepared. I still feel that i am a student, and i am willing to study more. But part of me wants to face the real world, with tough challenges outside. So how now?

If i continue straight with full force with my studies, i will graduate at a young age..haih..yes, u heard it, very young. i know everyone wants to be young, but not this young. Mayb it is because i will miss school life, that's why i am having these shitty thoughts. Maybe i can't give up what i am enjoying right now, because i admit that i am having a blast of my life right now. though form 5 is supposed to be a stressed up year, but actually...i am enjoying every juice of it. Mayb it is becuz i have great friends, or maybe i am not willing to give this up, that's why i am reluctant to leave school to college. Man, i hope i can make my choice

Sometimes, i forget that i am actually 1 year younger. That, i feel is good. Because when i look on the form 4's i actually feel that i am one year older than them. I like being a form 5, as i get to enjoy countless activities that goes. As for a party life, i feel that i have done the right choice in jumping, Yes, when it all comes down to having fun, watching movies during the weekend, thank god i wasn;t in form 4. but sadly, that is just a feeling. I still can't runaway from the fact that i have to plan my life from now's all in my hands.

Damn. sometimes i wished that i could be young and old whenever i liked it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

that guy is gonna pay..haha

Monday, September 12, 2005

oh yeah!

yes...i am damn happy...thank god our exams are coming to an end..finally..after weeks or hell....hmm..okay..on to the other happening and fun story. you see, i wanted to go for stomp so much, and blardy hell..the tickets are so expensive..sumore my frens sed they wanted to buy da most expensive ticket. hell was so blardy expensive..i nearly could not afford it. BUT<

haha..we came across the promotion package..which is actually a family package, 2 tix for under 17, 2 tix for over 17....and i was like..oh yeah...can and rachel will take the under 17 tix and sue mae and chian will take the over 17 tix. but the problem is, the package for 4 ppl is RM608..and we guessed that we will be gettin the second best seats as if u buy them normally..u wold have to pay Rm177 per ticket.

BUT again, today i called up the hotline. Guess wat they told me? the Rm608 package was for the 1st class seats...omg man..shit shit...i was like happy like mad...when i told the rest..they were like screaming their heads of. So, we shared the RM 608, and each of us only had to pay RM 150 for a RM227 ticket.woohoo....
i am off to buy the tickets...hope i enjoy the show.

OMG..stomp....i realy hope the show will be a blast

Friday, September 09, 2005

exams review part 2

another week is history and so are our grades. i'll just take off from where i last stopped..haha....

whoa...okay okay...this is the so- oh my god paper. i have been worried sick for this paper...since the last term paper was HELL. was...anyway..i found paper 1 more harder than paper 2. haih..dat stupit hamsap phang again. set p1 so hard for wat..wanna see us die meh? anyway, paper 2 was interesting tho.not too hard..but yet not too easy.'s always like dat. managed some structure mayb 4-5/8 question..blasted my way through the essay....overall i wished paper 1 was easier. yet , i still will continue to hate you, saik bu even if i get an a1 for fiziks.'s impossible le.
overall comments- paper 1, phang shld go and die la. he's such an exam spoiler
- paper 2,'s was alright for me. not the best paper
that i have done..but wtv la...still bearable
difficulty rating - p1 8.9/10
- p2 7.9/10

Mod Maths of my the most kick ass subjects in SPM. it is usually not a problem to get an a, but i experienced terrible record b4. i think it was during the f4 mid term, i took this shitty paper for granted. nvr listen to lim kg and nvr study at all. result= 41%. fuck man.such a disgrace..but's paper was alright for me. actually..i am quite happy with my working..but only..i fucked up the last pelan drawing....oh well, there goes 5 marks..but still...overall, it's allright.
overall comments - actually..i have nothing to complain =p
difficulty rating p1- 6.3/10
p2- 6.4/10

here goes, i hope hamizan gives us an easy bio paper. for me, now...that is the last boat to the pass island. i have missed the first 2 boats already...and shit..i am stuck in the middle of the ocean. if i miss this boat, then say BYE BYE.
as for chem and fiziks, paper 3 is usually not dat hard. but i duwan to fuck up my experiment again wat i did last's well...i hope for the best. more reviews to come when trials end.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

compare this fella with the pic below


examination review

ok, here it goes.....we are halfway through. yes, i know it's a tough battle...we are all trying to nail our papers well....haha..did this out of boredom..but oh are the reviews for the papers. so here goes....

Bahasa Malaysia 2.
- well, it wasn't too bad as i expected it. big thanks to ken hui, for the tips, and
because of that, the prosa and da cerpen was ok. but fuck the derita pertama ,
so blardy hard...anyway,jus 1 section only. the tatabahasa was DO-able..i think u know wat i mean...novel, the perbandingan question...aih...another headahce....rumusan was all right..hmm and dats about it.
overall comments - not too bad, it was jus ok only. not very easy.
difficulty rating - 6.5/10

- fuck this paper man. screw it big time. sucks to you, lim mui lee. this paper was built for the kill man. sturcture questions came as big headache to me. shit. it was like doing those shitty IQ questions on the newspaper. bloody hell...ask us to draw the cleaning mechanism of a dialisis machine. go die la. seriously la, i dun think a doctor can draw that for you aso. the teachers will pay for attemting to push us to suicide.
overall comments - wayyyy to difficult. if it comes out for spm, students will be taking their lives the next day
difficulty rating-11/10

Add m3.
- ok, cheng did really show her true colours. well lets go to p1 first. p1 was alright, some questions were complicated, but still do-able....nothing much to complain for p1 actually BUT p2 sucks. to hell with it. fucking hard, the teachers were all the way out to fail us. although it was bad...i din care la. i used all my determination to ram through all my workings. it's actually the will to pass that kept me going. if not, i would have squashed the paper. i told myself, keep on working...don give up cuz once you are gonna stop forever. so, who wins? cheng or me? lets see the results.
overall comments- p1 was alright. fuck was like digesting fat rubber pieces without chewing them. hard shit.
difficulty rating - p1- 7/10
-p2- 9/10

English 2.
- one comment. christena does NOT KNOW how to choose topics. or rather, she gave us ISI-LESS tajuks. she can kiss my ass and go to hell. ok.....but wateva it is..i used all my imagination to crap out sum isi-s....and eloborate like shit on one topic. at times...i just felt directed writing had more strong points compared to the general essay
overall comments - topics should have been easier with more points
difficulty rating - 7.5/10

- ok la. i have seriosly nothing to complain. me as a critic ass, when i have nothing to say about it, i think it's all right. all that i knew is i fucked up some of da polimers, and shit...the m c tita part. put in wrong nilai. wtv la...won die wan la...little bit wrong. overall i was relieved that this wasn't a bullet to the brain.
overall comments- for a paper set by yap, we were lucky to get away with it. woohoo
difficulty rating - 7.9/10

- wooh..Examinations on Sexual Topics (EST)...haha..i wished...anyway this paper has been super crappy since its presence in our spm. one and answer..dats carefully and answer. because the answers might be fuckingly misleading. this term the paper was ok for me
overall comments- i still find this paper full of crap
difficulty rating - 6.1/10

more to come when the exams finish. haha

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