Friday, May 29, 2009

travelling, on the road

Would be hitting the south side of Malaysia this time, to Malacca and will be back on Sunday. I hope everything goes 100% as planned, and if its does, it will probably be explosive. I will be bringing my laptop to the hotel to play my dear Restaurant City, provided the wifi's good enough there.

The interesting thing is 3 rave virgins are gonna follow me down, and a bunch of regular ravegoers would be there together, lets see how everything goes alright.

Week that was, Wing Chuan's 21st @ Las Caretas. The interesting thing about places such as this is the food would be above average, their service no matter what would be kinda tulan-ish when you go round commanding them to serve you the lime margaritas but one thing, if there's a huge group, it should be all well worth it.

To cater for the whopping 40+ Guests at his birthday, drinks were on free flow and the set menu was well organised before the big day.

Everyone had salad as the entrees,

And a choice of either salmon, steak, beef or chicken as the main dish. Being weight conscious, healthy, omega-3 ish and all, and because I memang like Salmon lah, I confirmed my choice with chuan a week b4 the dinner.

Don't ask what happened to the soup and Brulee Desert heh. Was to excited to chomp it down.

After that, being modern and trendy and all, as these places claim to be, they whipped out birthday props and guitars to entertain the crowd.

Chuan, Kev and Me.

Traditional key shaped cake, but I really doubt the key does anything. Parents would still be parents anyway.

Probably having a good time shaking off to the guitar beat.

Entertaining us with a little birthday boy dance,

and part of the younger crowd.

So anyway, everything went very well, including the mini after party @ Long Bar with their complimentary, erm strip dancers and for the record for Chuan's Memory,

Never ever MAX IT OUT on your 21st birthday. That's my toilet btw, and he's probably the 4-5th guy kneeling there in like 2 years. But at least, he flushed.

So anyway, have a great week you people, and I'll have mine. Someone told me to behave for the 3 days, alright, I will.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm a Standout in life

The world is filled with many opportunities, and standing out is probably taking some of these and making them work magically for you.

Defining the word standout through academic terms would be doing something remarkably superior to others, but I think the best definition one can give is to actually share their own standout experiences with others.

So, what does a Standout mean to me?

1.Going places eating, and having the motto, Eat Everything While You're Alive.

And when I mean eating, probably the first challenge to finding good food is the arduous and long journey, just to eat.

Satay Celup all the way from Malacca, wait, who cares about the cholesterol now?

Topping that off, having the joy of the Boss's company to take photos with us,

Like they say, if good treats does not hurt your wallet, its gonna take your time up.

Who cares if its gonna give you diabetic problems later on in life, eat it now when you're able.

2. Going all out by whatever means to record one in a lifetime moments.

Haha, oh yes, if you do know me well enough, I have actually tried out many successful ways to actually capture videos which seemed impossible to capture. Like hanging on to dear life to my cam, recording while looping through roller coasters, and most recently, since I was so desperate to take good water park shots ( I don't own an all weather olympus camera, mind you) hence I gotta improvise, so I came out with this plan.

I got those multi purpose zipper lock camera bags which were transparent, online, popped in my camera, and prayed really hard that no water leaks in. If it does, say bye bye to my cam.

And the results, heh, not too bad for a first timer lah.

Thankfully my cam's still functional after that.

That's how close i needed to go to get those shots.

Till then, I hope this Standout Event would be, a blast like classic nuffnang events.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

On The Road, Again

Will be back in Raub, Pahang for a one night to attend my cousin's wedding, then after probably during the 3rd week of May, will be going down to PD with my family, then after during the 29-30th of May, down to Malacca for you know what lah.

Sumore I just got back from Kuantan, there's still Genting next week pending, how lah?!

And I still owe my buddy an SG trip to visit him, looks like I'm gonna travel like crazy this month.

to kemaman, and back

As you guys already knew from my previous post, I made a quickie to Kuantan and after that further up a little to Kemaman, for this, yes I drove my whole family to Terengganu to eat this shiznit.

Passing through the golden gates, had my Dad take a shot of it.

Yeah, the long lost stuffed crabs. Last time I had it, A GOOD, yes A GOOD 6-7 years ago. Picture that.

My parents beh tahan already, rushing off to order. It was also, indeed a good 6-7 years since they ate here.


The years may have passed, the prices of the crabs may have ballooned, but one thing remains always the same;

It was still fucking good.

Since it was also a popular seafood joint, we had their sambal sotong to go with the rice,

Normal vege, mediocre, but that's probably because its vege, I mean, how can anyone cook up something shitty into magic right?!

Fish was relatively fresh, DUH, we're in Terrenganu man, just next to the fishing sea village,

Hah, and their latest zhng to their menu, Garlic Butter Freshwater King Prawns and Baked Lobsters. As far as I knew, the prawns scored a solid 10/10, easily.

The restaurant crowd, on the 1st of May, public holiday or not, business booms for them. A huge lot of Singaporeans also love to patronize this place.

And now, for directions to the place.

Traveling on the east coast highway, the new highway starts from Karak, and currently as of 8/5/09, the highway is completed until Jabur, in Terrenganu. Don't worry about the condition of the highway, although there are minor repair works here and there, as my dad said, it's as straight as an arrow.

160km/h and above, no problem. But still, the drive to Kuantan from KL will take a good 3 hours, even when you're driving fast. Now here's the tricky part to get to Kemaman. Although the east coast highway runs into Terrenganu, don't drive all the way to Jabur as the highway runs through inner middle Terrenganu (Kemaman is on the coastal side of Terrenganu).

You gotta exit at Kuantan, and then take the coastal road, passing Cherating, and finally, arriving at Chukai (Kemaman). If you do take the highway, you'll end up in the middle of Terrenganu and you have to take the trunk road which leads to the coastal road, which is way longer than exiting at Kuantan.

When you're already in Kemaman, look for the Tunas Manja Supermarket and make a right turn, at the traffic light. Continue all the way straight, you'll reach the town, and it should not be hard to spot Tong Juan Restaurant. It's a one way street so the road will take you one round before you can see the shop. If the directions are just to damn difficult for you,



Alright, that's it for now, next post will be on Kuantan Trip Day 2 where me and my family decided to shift to the Cherating Beachside Resort to relax.

Till then, continue drooling.

Friday, May 01, 2009

packed my bags;

and I'm ready to leave for Kuantan. Hah, just for 1-2 days, don't worry. Will be back soon enough.

And so, it does not take a genius to tell you what season I'm in right now. Yeah, season like the mating season, hibernating season, hunting season, whatsoever wheresoever.

I've got 3/5 completed, 2/5 to go, next week. Lugged my stuff along to Kuantan with me, probably gonna study in the hotel library or chill out room (if there is one), of if the hotel doesn't have both, in the room lah.

I'm sure most of you here are going like, so how was the exams and shit and so on. Here is my battle report on my first three papers.

Law 101.

Honestly, OK. I give it a 6.5/10. Yes its an open book exam, yada yada, loads of flipping through the contracts act and stuff, nailed some questions good, missed one or two, but overall, I would call it quite alright, considering my mid terms was a big blow up. ( Miraculously, I still managed to get like 11/20 for it, god knows how). Yes, when I said big blow up on my midterms, I totally wrote one question wrongly, 100% wrongly, and guess how many questions were there in the exam, yeah, 2 question. I got 1/2 screwed, which is 50% fucked up, and to get a 11/20, oh well, I think you can see how much sympathy marks I got for question 2. Yeah, my final exam started off a little pitchy here and there, there was a little bit of uncomfortable moments, but I think when I got to the middle, I sort of picked up and it started rocking dude, yeah like that was the bomb alright. But overall, it was just OK for me, just ok.

YA LAH, I was watching American idol just now ok, been following it like crazy alright.

Management Accounting, ACC 103.

Probably one of the hardest subjects so far for me, in HELP. Exam wise, I would say I performed a 6.9/10. Here's something very, VERY interesting in the exam. Naturally, it was a subjective question, and I did the question on my first try, no problem. Finished the whole paper, had 1/2 hour left, was checking through everything. Now came the shitty part, it was this subjective question (10 marks i think), which when I checked back, the angel whispered , and the devil came along. I re-did the whole question on a fresh sheet of paper, and the answers were different. AND I WAS FUCKING STUCK IN THE "WHICH ONE SHOULD I PASS UP DILEMMA." My first answer seemed good, but then my 2nd answer seemed better. My first answer seemed more logical, because it was a round number, but my 2nd answer seems screwed up because it had a ton shit of decimals.

I sat down and think. I though of what my more exam orientated kiasu friends would have done. I though of what my lecturer said, "Sometimes, don't simply bash in all the information into the question, there can be digits which are irrelevant" (Answer 1, I used all info, Ans 2, I omitted some), then the bombshell came, I have a friend who holds to death his principle.

"Don't change the first answer, because the first one is ALWAYS RIGHT".

And me myself, I did come across situations where my 2nd answer totally fucked things up. And so, after pondering all the points above said,


Don't ask me why. WHAT THE FOOKIEMAU RIGHT?! I just have to pray I hit the jackpot this time. God help me.

ITC 101.

Dumb subject, lazy to elaborate. Pass can already lah.

Just to roll things up since Jan, I'll show you bits and pieces from my cam, all random events. Full reported posts will be up only AFTER my exam.

No 1: Last time I touched those semi-heavily, Dec 31 08/Jan 1 09.

No 2: Thanks to No 1, everyone had a great one at Pat's.

No 3: Rule of the thumb, Where we go, where the MJ table goes.

No 4 : Wei Loon had an awesome 21st, in Jan.

No 5: Food that night was great.

No 6: Had a few rounds of gambling, and MJ after that.

No 7 : Long live Chor Ti. Fuck man, look at Shon's long hair back then. Have to use rubber band and tie wei, like my maid liddat.

No 8: It was Quin's 21st @ Michelangelo's, Soho KL, Mont Kiara. And yes, the pasta there is godlike. Spoiler abit heh, prices are very steep, Rm 50++ for a plate of that, I think the bill came up to almost RM 300 for 3 poeple (inclusive of the Guiness Stout lah)

No 9: Oysters were VERY very good. Really fishy and juicy.

No 10: Quin getting all dirty gulping em down.

No 10: The carbonara tasted so rich, it didn't taste like the cheap ass williams condensed milk version, it was just different, and special.

No 11: Tiramisu FTW!!!

Oh shit, I should not have posted the pics up, damn hungry now, gotta cook Korean Mee right now, till then lar, wait for my other pics to be up.

See yah, and good night !

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