Saturday, September 27, 2008

lady luck issues

You see, I'm really busy this week going out and getting my stuff done up. To get started, when lady luck decides to dump on me, oh well, she really does a good job.

Remember my VERY RECENT post about my new ride JUST ARRIVING?!

If you don't recall, here it is.

It does not take a genius to figure out what happened.

So my car got......


NO LAH, not stolen lar, probably some of you might be thinking. (-__-)

My car got hit from the rear.


The exhaust pipe ( yes my pride twin tail pipes) is so totally bent out of shape, the reverse sensor on one side was totally ripped off, and the bumper is dented and scratched so badly it looks like a pile of shit.

So how did it happen?!

Here's how. If you guys don't know, my dad's perdana was also screwed. ( OH DEAR, why all the shitty things in a week). Yeah, his one of his car's engine pipes gave way, and his car overheated and it burned out the gaskets and the engine head. So he had no choice but to transplant a 2nd hand engine into the perdana, hence he was car-less for like 1-2 weeks.

Being an absolute darling and angel son, I immedieately offered him my car to use for the time being, and his office is in KL. So today, when he drove to the office, he parked his car normally like how he would park it, and guess what, someone grazed into it.

Turns out the person that grazed into it is like one of his subcontractor's subordinates and yes although they will repair my car for me absolutely free, the waja has to be in the workshop for like a few days, LEAVING my family with only the old saga, and my mum's honda which she has to use to go work la DUH. ( yeah, she's helping her friend temporarily). And obviously my dad HAS TO DRIVE THE SAGA, leaving me car-less for god knows how many days, and i only get to drive out at night when they return.

So yeah, what to do lah, it's not so much of the no-car-to-drive-thing, but my precious cool looking exhausts and spanking new paintwork is like gone down the drain. Sigh.

Look at the nasty hole on the right. Darn man.

Yeah so anyway, i should just be thankful that its gonna be repaired, just imagine what would happen if it was a hit and run case? Gone case lor like that.

Anyway happy times ahead in my next post, more updates on stuff like danny's farewell lunch, lunch with wai yee and co, random night out trips with chongx and kc, drinking parties at patrick's, and ultimately, the joy, fun and essence of my awesome Singapore trip. And yes, nuffnang movie screening with fei next week, and then sidewalk dinner with..................

I don't want to write anymore. You get the point.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm Back

Oh yes I am.

I need a little rest before i can start posting the pictures.

I was supposed to catch the 3.00PM First Coach Bus @ OU, but then,

The Check-In Counters.

ATS sent me there on that day.

.............., I was so fuc**** forgetful that i had forgotten to bring along my luggage keys with me alright. And when i realized that, I had no choice but to go back to my house, all the way from OU to get my keys. Seriously, my luggage bag is the hard shit Samsonite type which seriously is almost impossible to crack open w/o the keys.

And ATS drove like a mad man on the road. His Kancil practically weaved in between two lorries, and the side mirrors almost grazed the lorries.

I nearly shat in my pants man.

My bus was leaving at 3, we were on our way back to get the keys, and he was driving at this speed while weaving in and out of cars. ( Check out the time man)

Can you believe it, we made it back right on time. Yes, no shit, the bus was already gonna leave, and Chee Seng was already waiting anxiously for me.

Soon before long, we boarded the bus, and I was on my way to cross over the causeway into the City of Singapore.

Nearing Johor.

Crossing the Causeway nearing darkness.

And my trip just blasted off with loads of fun from there on !!!

Sneek peek:-

So were their boobs that big after all? Stay tuned to find out.

What did Tysern get from their Sex Shop?

@ St James Powerhouse. Who were these people?

Why the gay-shit horny smile?

Was their McD's any different there?

How did i get stuck in toilets like this?

Simple awesome and magical.

Come back to find out the answers. For now, let me have a good night's sleep. Nights.

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Friday, September 19, 2008

on a holiday break

Just a short notice, I'll be down south, in Singapore for the weekend, for a weekend getaway.

While I am there, I'll attend the St James Power Station event, which I hope is gonna rock my ass off.

As Quoted off Wikipedia,

"St James Power Station has 10 nightclubs and live entertainment destinations rivaling the Ministry of Sound at Clarke Quay and Zouk, with 70,000 sq ft of floor space. Customers pay one charge for all outlets.

WAHHHHH, 10 clubs in one multiclub complex, can go crazy wei. The best thing is my entrance tix allows me to enter all ten clubs.

Alright, I'm on my way for the party. See you guys next week. Tata

Sunday, September 14, 2008

life as it is

Truthfully, there is only good news to share this week. I know things are going, well in a dramatical way for the political scene in Malaysia, but as part of the nation, we only can watch, and say nothing.

So anyway, i can't be too arsed to care about the bickering, back to my life.

My car finally gave way. As in really, the reverse gear was so totally busted to bits.

Although it has been repaired, but my daddy darling decided that it was enough for me.

And he got me a new car ( yeah it's 2nd hand but it's still FAIRLY NEW) without even telling me.

He DID NOT FUCKING TELL ME OK, so I practically was like WTFFFF when he told me to collect my car last week.

Oh god, don't you just love surprises.

Jeng Jeng Jeng, the condition of the car is ABSOLUTELY FAB. I gotta tell you, everyone though it was brand spanking new when i drove it out.

Don't you just love the twin tailpipes mod at the rear. Damn sporty right?!

And like how a new baby must have new shoes, my new ride was sent in for 4 new tyres the next day.

Woooh, and now it rides and handles super slick on the highway.

At the tyre joint.

Yeah, wish that could be my rims. In the future lar, maybe.

So anyway, thank you daddy again!!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

ATS's Bday , Merdeka Eve Night Out

To begin this post, I'll put up pictures from the spontaneous blowing cake ceremony held for Thong Siang @ McD's Centrepoint.

Yeah, the usual yada-yada things, as such, gossiping ( the guys do it more now), lame jokes challenging, crazy & embarassing drunk stories, great memories and times, all thrown in, with only one set purchased from McD's, with at least 10+ people hogging the table. And not forgetting, making hell lot of noise.

Julian and Chid.

Wei Loon and Jess.

Shon, Pigeon Boobs and Julian.

Quin and Fai. Oh yes, Fai was back from Sabah for a week.

Wai Yi and Quin.

With the Birthday Boy.

Just us.

Normal cake routine. But the cake was heavenly. Oreo Cheese from Secret Recipe.

His moment.

And a moment for the rest of us.

And who can forget the present i got him, specially flown in from Russia

One of the best things in life. Makes everyone happy. ( If you don't know what is it, remember, flown in from Russia)

Happy 20th ATS !!


On another note, Merdeka Eve is just another reason to drink, club and party. At first, we went over to the curve, which probably sucked like mad. Crowd was so-so, but it was raining a little. Hence we adjourned over to H2O @ DU for the countdown party.

What turned out to be a "oh-i'm-gonna-stay-sober-night" just went the reverse. Once we hit the whiskey, there was absolutely NO STOPPING.

Foong, KC, Shon, Lye Choong and Me.

Just look at his goner face man. KC + Sammy.

This has gotta be the shot of the day. The old man on the right was SO GOD DARN DRUNK that he practically drenched our cups with whiskey shower and he just crashed into our photos. And after that, he went from table to table downing his whole bottle of JD and came back to bottoms up with us.

Happy moments.

Me and Lye Choong started the 1 for 1 policy. That practically means what i do you do. It started off from beer, to whisky, to...

Kisses on the cheek. Oh goodness, i must have been kinda high that night.

Shon trying to rip off his shirt.

Me + Lye Choong showing it all on the dance floor.

Music for that night was awesome, starting from deep dirty R n B to Hard Trance nearing the end of the night. We were about to leave when the DJ started playing Tiesto and we decided to whacked a few more jugs. The only irritating thing was when the music got really pumping hard, the DJ would go " Let me hear youuuu screammmmmm". Damn potong larrr.

Shon in the Fengtau Mood.

Screen shots of our video of the night. Spot me swaying in the 2nd last frame.

That was all for the night. We called it a day at around 2.30AM, before I crashed out on my bed.

That sums up my merdeka eve night, how was yours?

Monday, September 08, 2008

MOF Japanese Sweets and Coffee Review

Just a couple of weeks back, yes oh dear, quite a long time ago eh? My parents and I was invited over to my sample a few treats of the MOF outlet @ Pavillion, KL.

It's located at the Food Court ( Same Row as J CO Donuts, near the car park entrance)

They offer practically any type of Japanese Desserts, and their flagship dishes uses the popular Hokkaido Soft Serve Ice-cream.

The interior renovation which costs a whopping 400k. Don't get started on the rental man. It costs 40k per month, per lot.

My dad and my mum, being "ambassadors" for this new outlet. Haha

Business was quite good on that day, and the occupancy rate was at about 80%. It was a Sunday afternoon.

The prices for the coffees, shakes and desserts range from about RM 7- RM 18, depending on your selection. The price range targets the mid to the upper bracket class of the society, and yes it's kinda like a luxurious dessert parlor.

Next, came the dessert entries. Being typical Japanese desserts, it was a little bit on the sweet side, but i gotta tell you, the ice cream that came with it was a stunner. A real eye opener, and it was at par with the big names such as Haagen Dazs or even Ben & Jerry's.

The green tea Soft Serve Hokkaido Ice Cream. The Ice Cream came with hot fried sweet potatoes, which was a great sideline. As the Ice Cream was blistering cold, the warm sweet potatoes gave a contrast taste which would please even the Goddess's taste buds.

The black sesame ice cream is a must try. Very popular amongst Japanese Shops, this version kicks the shit out of any cheap ass Genki or Sushi King Ice Cream which they serve together with the sushi.

This was very similar to the Green Tea Ice Cream, the only difference is this was Mango Flavored. If you prefer something sweeter the Green Tea, go for this. If you are a Green Tea buff, i suggest you stick to the first one.

My dad's Ice Kacang Combo with black sesame. Obviously it wasn't called Ice Kacang Combo on the menu, but i think it's called, ahh screw it I forgot. The black sesame was grinded so smoothly that it was like powder. It was a little on the sweet side, and as always, the ice cream on top was soft like cotton.

My entree, which was called Macha Kurian. Weird names huh, anyway, if you wanna order this, it's number 8103 on the menu, with a price tag of Rm 15.50. The fruits was very fresh, so as the peach slices. Everything just blended well into the mixture, but if you aren't into fresh fruits, you can order the Macha Zen (8122) which was served with Japanese Dumpling. Oh well, the Macha Zen is definitely a no-no for diabetes patients, but trust me, you will love the sweetness and flavor of it.

All in all, i gotta tell you, i loved the desserts there. The trump factor was the Ice Cream that came with all the desserts, and that really lived up to it's class. For takeaways, you can just have a scoop of the ice cream, something like what Baskin Robbin does.

I am so coming again to try everything and anything on their menu, and yes, if you're interested to come and sample some desserts, do leave me a message.

My mum presenting flowers for the Grand Opening of the outlet, along with her girlfriends. The lady in black receiving the flowers ( Aunt Regina) is the owner's mum. Yes, the outlet was started by her son.

And her son, Victor Tan, seen here in the middle ( the only guy in the pic, obviously) is currently running this outlet, which is actually a franchise of the Singapore branch. This brand name is actually doing very well in Singapore.

Any questions, inquiries or media approach, you can contact the owner, Victor Tan at these following methods:-

His H/p No : +6012-3226310

or you can drop him an email ;

Anybody planning to do a write up or a review on this outlet, you may contact him straight, or if you want me to accompany you there, do give me a call. Thanks.

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