Monday, January 28, 2008

@ Langkawi (2)

to those imposters on my chatbox, grrrr, teacher will get you ok !!!! anyway, ignore those crazy remarks by "tysern" and "cxchuah". you guys got nth better to do man. swt.

Let's just pick up from where i stopped alright, which is, at the Langkawi International Airport.

17th Dec - Day 2, in Kuah Town.

Oh yeah, the apartment check in. Alright, to those who are booking hotel rooms, whether for domestic travel or international travel, please REFRAIN from going through agents. THEY SUCK BIG TIME.

Alright, cutting that out, let's put the fun parts in shall we.

The guys chilling @ Century Suria Apartments.

Everyone was dead tired, and was eager to skip on to the next day where we adjourned to our better hotel, Best Star Resort. Now this is a good, cheap and great hotel. I highly recommend this. Contact me for the details, if you're interested.

This is how the guys spent their night alright. Don't talk about the backsores the next day. Anyway, most of the girls and a few lucky guys were occupying the rooms, so poor poor us.

Anyway, rise and shine, it was morning the next moment we blinked.

Our beach front hotel, Best Star Resort. Anyway, after dumping our bags, we adjourned to the underwater world, which was very near out hotel.

Oh yah, did i tell you guys, we booked 2 vans, or rather rented 2 vans. 2 huge ass vans, and they were in rickety condition. There was NO, yes i repeat NO POWER STEERING, the gearbox had serious issues, ( 3rd gear was like trying to shove up durians, up where the sun don't shine), and the brakes were as good as bicycle brakes. Not to say, we BUSTED the air-con when we returned the vans, and the alternator was kong-ed out. But who cares, it ferried us everywhere we wanted to go anyway.

Anyway, before hitting the Underwater World, we stopped by for some mamak fried rice.


It was like eating sand, mixed into rice. And the telur dadar, REALLY STINKS for god-damn knows what reason.

Aerial shot of everyone. Miss Tan again, stealing the lime light.

When everyone was ready.

The rice that sucked.

Alright, enough pics of the lunch, right after lunch, we crossed over to the Langkawi Underwater World. Anyway, i found it a little over-rated. If you have been there, it would be a wise choice to save up the 20 bugs to enter. You'll probably see the same old thing. But for me, nevertheless, it was a first time thing so i though it was rather pleasing.

Yeah, in Langkawi, u can get 12 cans of beer for RM20. So, think twice, alright. Haha.


Spot, errr, nothing. Oh well.

Medium Kok, Jason, Jess and TS staring at fishies.

Ooohhhh, those cutie penguins.

All lining up. Oh yeah, did i tell you their tank smelled like 100 cans of shark shit. It really stank man, thank god i had the flu bug. If not, i think i would have fainted on the spot.

All right, enough penguin photos. After that, i was so bushed up and tired i just crashed out on the hotel bed. Ohhh, it just felt like bliss, after one full day of not sleeping. Yes, i did not get any sleep at the condo.

Yeah, seriously just KO-ed on the bed. Flat, while the other still had energy to go play at the beach. Anyway, after the one hour power nap, i felt SO MUCH BETTER.

And we visited Telaga Tujuh. Oh well, bad luck, my cam batt died on me, so i am gonna have to rip some off pics Patrick's blog alright.


Telaga Tujuh. OMG, the steps up were a bitch man. Almost 280 steps. Gave my heart a mini heart-attack.

This is where we all started. When everyone was still fresh. Oh yeah, the crazy steps did not start just yet.

Don't ask me why they call it telaga tujuh. Probably there are seven holes up there, that's why.

The edge of the waterfall. Spot Pat at the end, taking some shots.

Pat's shot. Nice and great, as always.

Not the full group. The rest were sooo poo-pooed out that they went straight to the vans and rested.

All right, that's all for the 2nd day, 3rd day would be island hopping and the drinkin session.

Haha, don't miss out the next part. Loads of juicy details to be revealed.

That's all, see you guys, bye.

Monday, January 21, 2008

wonderbra ad

I was laughing my ass off after this advert. Really really original. Anyway, since we're in the jokes mood, i'll start of with 2 SUPER-LAME-ONES before posting the video.

Question: Why are butter and jam so poor?

Ans: Because they are not kaya larhh. Hahaha

Alright, question 2,

Question: What is aladdin's mum's name?

Ans: Alamak.

OMG, freaking lame right, anyway as promised,

Haha, laugh on.

Friday, January 18, 2008

when you're just having fun with em'

It has already been a few weeks into teaching and i have a huge nickname in school.

They call me, the Horny Teacher, haha. To those who know me, you would understand. Anyway,

Holy fuck-a-toot crap. I look like a form one kid.

Who says teachers' can't camwhore?!

Alright, yealah i know, this is just a filler post. Main deal's, still on the way. There just too much langkawi photos to edit alright.

Haha, till then, bye!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

omg my voice

Yes, my voice is almost bursting after endless hours of karaoke session over the weekend.

Couple that up with constant teaching cum jokes telling, haha, you get my point.

Anyway, i have been quite busy over the weekend, yes there was school on saturday last week, and hence the lack of updates again. Yes, i apologize. Anyway, the juicy stuff will be back shortly, in a while.

See you guys, have a great time. Bye

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Grad Ball, or Langkawi (1)

Yeah, that's right, i have 2 major events that SERIOUSLY need posting. This or that, i ask myself. Anyway, since most of my friends have posted about the grad ball, i think i will go on about the awesome super fun cum drunkfest Langkawi Trip.

Yes, there was a goner every night.

Overall, the place there is yes, quite good, the beach is happening, not to say as good and stunning as Redang or Tioman, but it's happening, stocked with people, music, booze and events.

View from the Cable Car Station was superb, and other places had rich historical value. Trekking the Telaga Tujuh Waterfall was tiring, but the view was worth it. Anyway. let's get started.

Ooohhh, before that, there are still some more party events that need posting, but i think you guys are probably bored of the party posts, so let's shift gear for awhile kay. Will get back to those after my Langkawi trip.

16th Dec - Late night departure from LCCT Terminal.

Did i tell you guys that there were a total sixteen of us going? Haha, thank god the plane was only about 70% full, and there were ample of seats to choose from.

Air Asia, oh well, it was their style again, flight was delayed about 20 mins. Coming back was worst, delayed an hour plus.

Ah Chong, Ah Siang and Ah David waiting.

One thing sucky about Air Asia is their kiasu-ish system of queing up for the seats. These people were so quick at grabbing the lines, once the PA system annouces the flight depature sequence, the lines were already horrendously long, and everyone was waiting as if someone was out there giving out free cash like that.

Needless to say, the 16 of us got stuck at the back, but heck who cares, we got good seats anyway.

Everyone queuing as if there was a mad gold rush like that.

This was back when everyone was checking in their luggage. We had sixteen people, but more than 20 bags, including a few huge ass square briefcase bags. We brought almost everything there, such as a PS2, complete with DDR mats, yeah no shit, food supply such as luncheon meat, maggi in a cup, tuna, bread, junk food, board games, taboo, and whatever under the sun.

Heck, there was a bag specially for our beach slippers. Don't get me started on the sun tan lotion, bikini, trunks and oh yeah, we managed to squeeze in a football too.

Somehow, posing in the airport seems like much more fun aight ? Anyway, poor david was dead sick on the day we left, and hence his mau mati face lah.

Arguably one of the best candid shots of the trip, i just can't resist posting this up for everyone to see. Mc'D in the airport costed a bomb alright.

Even though that pictures at the airport tarmac were strictly forbidden, but i think these guys just did not give a shit. Oh well, me too. Who cares lah.

Yeah, bunch of ignorant people.

In case you don't know them,
Top row fr left : David, Chongxian, Ken Chong, Kar Fai, and Shon.
Middle guy : Kok Hui.

Ken C and Kar F just had to kacau the lovebirds picture.

Haha, much better now.

Me head looks freaking deformed as i was resting it on the overhead compartment.

Close to 10.00, we blasted off and arrived at Langkawi International Airport close to midnight.

After collecting our luggage and Lgk Int Airport. All right, it's another day already right, the following parts will be coming up.

Stay tuned for Day 2, 17th Dec.

Bye people.

Heh, sorry i really need to sleep now, i have to teach tomorrow alright.

Saturday, January 05, 2008



Jess: Oh yes, they do call me Mr Yap lah. Haha, i asked them whether they like Mr Tysern or Mr Yap, they wanted Mr Yap.

Charlotte: Heckload of form one classes lah. I am teaching Belian, Jati and Keruing Sej, the rest Pjk and Seni lah. Hahahhaa

Quin: Wtffff, cats humping, damnn euuuuuu lah...hahaha.

Yie Hahn : Not just beer lah, wine, smirnoff, bombay sapphire and martini, you name it lah. Those teaching, me, patrick, chongxian, charles fr our skool lah. A few from DU too.

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Oohhhh, i am sooooo gettin fever from the hot parties of the season.... wooooo.

Alright, cutting out the crap, i am a *drumrolls*, working as a, *drumrolls*

Teacher in DJ.

Yes, NO SHIT. Teaching Sejarah, Art and PJK. dear dear History. Oh well, my first day was on Jan 3rd, and first day was still ohhhh, relaxing. That's because the teachin still ain't started.

Alright back to my post, these few days have been like a fucking blast for me. It's just so freaking fun alright.

Miss Tan waiting for the party to heat up. Haha, @ Jason's.

Patrick turning up the heat.

And finally, the heat was up.

Food was as usual, great till the bone.

We had.......,

Potato Salad, hahah, that was my creation, domino's BBQ-ed Chicken Wings, Vege Mix,

Marshmallows, Baked Potatoes, Sandwiches, Pasta, Corn,

Heck, we even had shrimps on a stick. That was gorgeous.

People were just diggin in away at the food.

Part of S2 + S1, laughing back at the cam.

Ah Chong making some jampi curse shit.

The overall atmoss.

Chong's bike was like the village prostitute. Everyone's taken a ride on it man. Hahahah

Fr left, Chid, ATS, Shiau and Quin. Yeah, all their nicknames.

Towards the end of the night, all the drinkers, around 7 plus, drank a grand total of 48 cans of beer, excluding the wine we had earlier. After shotgunning and bottom-ing up, i think i nearly hit 24 cans. Enough for the night. Felt like exploding.

They still could DDR. Oh and yes, the drunk ones beat the shit out of the sober ones.

Alright peeps, i have to prepare some stuff to teach tomoro, i'll have to leave now. I STILL HAVE MORE PARTY UPDATES, all b4 and during new year's eve. Stay tuned.

Bye, amigos.

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