Wednesday, June 29, 2005

durian farm visit

Haha, yeah..the title says it all. My mum's friend happened to own a big seremban.....and invited a bunchload of ppl to go see around their farm. The ride there took about 1 hour....after exiting from the highway, we had to turn in senawang..and the...u'll have to take da blardy retarded trunk road. The road up to the farm was usual...and we passed jungle like trees...and also a puny little bridges.
Suprisingly, the farm was way well better than i expected. Everything was present in the farm house...actually...more like a kampung house...lengkap with karaoke. There was also a man made swimming pool, for ppl to dip it was sweltering hot. There were about 5 big fishing ponds...erm..with red snappers and talipia fishes inside. Hehe...

Event choronology.

Woke ready everything...went to 7-11 to buy ice packets, loaded it into the chiller box, brought mahjong tables, drinks...oh yeah...and waited for my mum's friends to come over. They were planning to have a pot luck at the farmhouse...and family was in charge of the drinks. Haha..da easiest job..jus go buy sum soft drinks..and kau tim.

8.15 am

My mum's friends arrives. They came with puddings, jellys, etc etc....and oh we went...we started our journey...straight to the senawang exit. After exiting the highway, we waited at the toll for the rest of the group members. Haha...almost about 30 ppl went..all of us are friends and knew each other was fun.


All the 30 ppl arrived at the toll booth. We were brought into the farm..but b4 we could reach there...we had to pass through small berliku-liku UNtarred was hell bumpy. Finally..after much groaning and complaints....poof....we saw the farmhouse.


Every1 setteled down, brought out all their food, cards, mahjong....and started the karaoke sessions...I just watched ppl sing oni..haha...if i sing..they will die man.Right after that, i went fishing. It was sooo fun....especially when u get to catch a fish.


Mahjong session and chor tai ti session kicked off...the usual...finds peace and excitement in al these games....dun ask my why...and soo they went on playing...while i was busy fishing......we caught about 4 red snappers..and about 2 talipia' brought them back to the farmhouse.


Lunch!!!...hehe..the pics says it all...jus look at all the food available.....from mushroom sauce chicken to vege salads...there were loads to eat.


More and more fishing. This time..our luck ain't soo turned out that i was the only 1 whom managed to catch a fish....sad case...anyway...we brought all our catch the earlier batch....and washed the fished. Boom....fried themm..and they were ready for eating. Haha


Prepared to go home...and packed up al our stuffs......on the way back..we stopped in nilai at Loong Sing Restaurant. A "so called" famous restaurant...with many award winning dishes....haihz...all business tricks...but, the food was quite the restaurant..they had dunnoe wat u call it..super expensive set menus...costing about Rm 2k to 3k each...siowness..

I will let the pictures talk about the rest of my experience there. Happy browsing!

the bumpy road all the way to the farm...the ride was hell bad

feasting on the fish..hehe..they look like barbarians

mahjong sessions...kewl..hehe..i have a passion for it also

card u can see adults spend their time

swimming...haha..wat else?

check out the size of the fish

all the ppl present...all aunties and uncles...hehe...friendly dad's childhood frens

farmhouse pics

more pics of the farm

self made jacuzzi....well..the bubble power was great

the's cooling yeah..of cuz it is..with a swimming pool beside it

close up view of all the foodstuffs....haha..makes u hungry rite?

just look at the amount of was way up to 11..i think

more farmhouse pics...the pic says it all

the farm area...looks good in this photo...the pond ur seeing is actually the swimming ppol..the water's clean..but dunnoe y it looks green..and it's mountain

lunch and food...jus look at the amount present...from pasta's to curry chicken to vege salads...and much more

Saturday, June 25, 2005

professional chemistry flunker

This week is school has been super busy. wtf, the school wants us to have a sudut bacaan in our class, where we put our books for reading and shit like dat. every1 had to bring at least 3 books, and i brought sum magazines. bloody hell, cecilia took it away..saying it was not right...wth man..haihz...aniways back to my main topic here.
You see, we had this so called interesting eksperiment today. Go burn da logams in oxygen. had to stuff in sum kalium manganat 7 into da tabung didih, and u must make sure da tabung didih ain't wet. Yeah, of cuz i din noe..i just dumped in da kalium manganat and of got wet...and smeared da whole tabung didh. I was like, fuck...dam..i have to do it again. So i filled da tabung didih wid water, and tried to dispose of da kalium manganat. Then, this is were it got terrible.
Da stupit manganat turned da water damn purple, and da purple was SUPER not diluted. Dam strong colour. It cloged up the sink like nobodi's business, and da bloody fuckin sink was purple. Ok, die loh...i was so freaking scared man. To make it worse, every 1 in class came over and sed...OMG is dat...staring at my table's sink. Then, my chem teacher, chuah, was coming towards my table. Aiyooo..sure kena hammering wanz...lucki, in time...we managed to block the she could't see anithing. If you think the problem is over, think again. I still had like 1 more tube full of da purple stuff. Now..where to dispose that shit.
Hahahaa..this is what i did.
Step 1: I knew about da chem's lab broken floodboards. especially in da back table,
where kee peng's gang sits.
Step 2: Open the mini door..dunnoe wats it called....u can see the exposed drain.
Step 3: Flush that shit straight into the drain. Hell yeah...the drain was gila purple, but
nobody can see it..HAHAHAHAHAHA
Step 4: Act cool and calm, walk back to my table.....and act like nothing hapenned.
This secret, nobodi knew, except me and wai yee...woohoo...
yeah..i got dat shit through...wat a bloddy challenge...nvr in my life, was i so scared..i mean...u can see my group's faces man. they were also scared shit..haha. i shall be stopping here, my cousins jus came over, i gotta be a good host. i will be posting a random pic later..

Friday, June 24, 2005

nostalgia blues

The photos below are all taken b4 the mid year exams.....couldn't post it earlier becuz most of da photos are used for our nostalgia photos were kinda confidential..but now...the page has been sent it...and everything is done enjoy looking through it.

kena tong in after pjk....da tong nearly split open..haha

haiya....masuk tong...LOL
L-R(top): kelv, chung kent, ze xiang, hun jack, kee peng.
L-R (bottom) : steph, tysern.

in bio lab with pn hamizan..she kicks ass man

class pose with our add m3 teacher..haha

haha..we look like shitheads....L-R: tysern, ze xiang, kelvin

me and the all time smart ass..winson..haha

more and more and steph

i'll squeeze u all tight...haha

4 bastards posin...L-R tysern, hun jack ,kelvin, chung kent

me and su lynn..posin in class again

owh....wat to write ah..the pic says it all

with miss garang..haha..always quarrel wanz

posing with mae mae....haha

me and sweet wai

class: teacher, we want to take photo wid you
teacher: waitlah, where did i put my lipstick and make up ah????

omg..they are actually man..u dun get to see this often

chung kent goes into the recycle pose with pn. monica....wahahhaa

more and more posin....we jus look so blardy retarded

4 of us posing in, ze xiang, kee peng and steph...looks so gay ritez? haha

sue mae, me and kevin posin wid our sejarah teacher..she's kewl man..give damn high sejarah marks..hehe

Saturday, June 18, 2005

exams results+softball action+first week of school= big headache

The minute the last day of holidays striked, mixed emotions have been going through me. To me..i was like wtf, so fast arh...but shit...cannot run away from school. To sum up my holidays, hell yeah..i think i enjoyed enough. But i want more.....i want more fun....haha. I am always like that, never contented with what i have been through.
My first week seemed better than the 2nd. Mayb it was because i knew i had one more week to go. yeah....i managed to hit the cinema 4 times, went karaoke 2 times, balik hometown (ipoh) once, balik hometown (raub) another time...and even had time to go for about 2-3 dota sessions. Thou i suck, always kena kill and kena hamering from my team..but the game's ok la. C'mon...who can blame me man...i'm still a dota virgin. I'm always knowned as a big they always target me first...cuz i'm to easy to be killed.
The first week of school kicked off with a gloomy day. Fiziks....oh shit.. it was jati's first period. Fuck....sure die wanz....Shaken by the fact that results were terrible..I receive my first paper, paper 3. Wah siow lan dow, first part ok. But my eksperimen..holy, the anticipation started to swell in..die loh..i must do well for the other papers..and it came..paper 2, it was okay..then finally paper 1 came 1 punched it the digits of my fiziks marks into the calculator, totaling it up, dividing it by 190 and finally multiplying it by 100....i prayed b4 i hit the = button. Then, as i looked on the calculator....yeah baby..i close to 50 oni...weak pass la..but hu cares.
Later that results. Ok, 1 I mean it was so crazy....i look at the paper..can die edi loh....but sum ppl to teman lynn, wai yee, callie=p but i was darn happi for kh as he got a mark from hamizan to get 40 and da fantastic sue-mae passed beautifully. Woot
Hehe, softball scoring is fun i tell u. First things first, u get to:
1) Miss lessons
2) Watch softball like nobody business, even when you are off duty
3) Fucking shout your lungs out for DJ
4) See and feel the softball passion
5) Get elauns and ko-ko marks. Haha
6) And finally...get a free baseball cap ( no use to i rarely wear those)
Congrats to the gurls, for winning it, and to the under-15 boys...for nailing the other teams flat. And wtf to the under 18 guys can u let subang win u all man...but oh well..u all tried ur least u all got 2nd....and the skool's proud of ur achievement! Congrats to all once again.
As the week was coming to an end....this well has been quite the homework has not started pouring it. And one thing, monica's plot to kill me failed....wahahaha...deducted marks from almost every1...and from me also. Wat..17 marks, i was flabbergasted when i heard that. But alas....i show her all my work on friday to shut her big mouth up...and there was nothing she could do except for not deducting any marks from me. Yeah.
Should i end my post with some pictures?..oh well..i am finding for it now...ending here...

Friday, June 10, 2005

two bit hit....

oh..okay..this is my official 2nd's true...hmm....a picture can paint a thousand words right....all da pics below can describe wat we did la..simple?...anyways....jus to "huraikan" a liddle bit, erm...i as usual..woke up at 12.00...haha..den suddenly...teri was calling my hp..den she was..where are u ah..tysern? i sudah at kj lrt woh...den..oh shet..i'm still in pj' freshen up..did wat i had to do..den picked her up at bout was late..and..nvm... procedeed on the da curve.....skip skip..straight to redbox...'s a lesson...treasure ur library card..dun think it's piece of pink dumb plastic (it's dumb in school, but not outside) LOL! ok, here's wat u can do with it, i can get tgv tickets for rm3 cheaper, u can present it at practically any bowling counter..for student rates, u can use it at redbox, for super student rates. haha...misusing da power of a library card..wahahah, anyways..we got discount..cuz of our pink plastic..we needed to pay only like...rm7++ compared to da normal rate of rm22++. next, in da karaoke lounge..we were practically fighting for the mic and we jus wanted to shout out anithing. guess wat..i sang islands in da stream by dolly parton and i have nothing by whitney houston. i sang lots more la..but forgotten liao=p. i pitied those ppl in the room man..but who cares..we jus came to haft fun. i hitted those high notes by screaming it..when i did that..u could see raechen's eyes getting distorted ...and ppl were jus like eeeeeeeeee...u noe wat la...anyway..i noe i ain't a singer...jus having fun
we book the room for 3 hours..and then..the last half our was fun. guess wat..they haft william hung mtv's and we put on..SHE BANGS! wooh...halfway through the song we gave in and hit the stop button. phew! next...we also choose cheeky girls. i tell you, da video clip is jus so lame and we were all singing da blardy tune..ohh boys cheeky girls, ohh girls cheeky boys..bla blah...jack favourite song..LOL to 1u for bowling..yeah...wat i liked most..oh yeah..b4 dat..sandra took me to celebrity fitness...yeah..she's a geng man..there's this her personal trainer...and sandra went there and sed..ok...where mr.bla bla..den da recoptionist was like..okay..i will page him for you...den he came..was...da treatment was seriously celebrity fun..he took me around...and explained everything, btw da interior's jus so cool, dam nice...oh gosh..u noe wat i saw inside....chicks with aerobic's so cool...if u sign up..u have like a personal trainer to guide you...inside was awesome...there was an aerobics class going looked for awhile...haihz..if i becum a member...mebbe it's jus for..ahem ahem...
aih..den bowling....average score was bout 125-133..ok ok la..but i slacked in it n played...later..dropped sandra off..and back to house...
that's all for a day...shall end here

at red box karaoke, dam cheap, only 7.50 per person...
L-R: may, her bf, sandy, me, soon lee, raech, teri
not in pic: wenjie, jack, jiunyen <-----(malu woh) Posted by Hello

drink drink ribena n ice lemon tea
every1 was given complementary 2 rounds of drinks and a litre each of ribena in a box!
imagine how many times we used da toilet =p
ooo..check out the tight hug and da kiss :DPosted by Hello

teri and sandra: cheese!!!
soon lee: aisey, wait lah...i'm preparing my smile Posted by Hello

da bunch of sweet gurls..and a guy..haha Posted by Hello

raech and may....stoning :D Posted by Hello

may bowling da ball....haha...caught it in da air Posted by Hello

me n ou bowling alley..aihz..played till leg pain, lol Posted by Hello

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