Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bowling. Club. Farewell

Yes, the most happening funky club in SMK Sultan Abdul Samad just had one of it's biggest events to date. Wait, yes, i think this is the biggest.

Steamboat farewell at my place, and this time juniors and seniors and some other crashed in, with full force in my house.

Don't you just love parties? Steamboat eh?

Ahh....yeah my juniours, playing heart attack.

As the ex president, now..... putting up something like that needed well, actually little time. The main factor was actually the sponsorship from the club, yeah, you know, on how much to spend on food, drinks, etc etc....

These guys were playing the PS2 and some of them got so bloody high on the bra and panties match, i think their screams sounded as bad as a baby giving birth to a cow.

The guy in black tees is Yie Hahn, or our now new head prefect, and the guy on his right, is lip kent (chung kent's bro) . I damn salute him man, since morning until night, he was still in his school uniform. Haha

The food, there were tons left in the fridge at this point, but yeah, almost all was wiped out at the end of the party.

More people crashed in, and the eating began !!!

The 2nd steamboat pot was a joke. It kong-ed out right when i wanted to use it eh. Omg, so how....use a rice cooker lah. Hahahaha... Can wurt....

Fitting in everything.

If you guys din't know him, thong siang on the left, ken chong on the right.

Yam Seng time. It was so loud, it brought down the neighbour's house.
Look at that drunk fella using the fu chuk box to yam seng. Classic lah.....

My new AGM board. From left, Hui Min, Tzy Wey and omg...i forget the gurl's name lah. Oops...

Downing down beer, no shit, they drank a total of 12 bottles, and one bottle of whisky.

Wan Tian, is my new vice president. Gurl with the specs, bottom row.

Part of the new board, posing at the sofa.

Next, they had souveniers for the old board. From ajk's all the way up, there was something for everyone.

Kah Fai, as the event manager.

Wei Loon, as the secretary.

Ken Chong, taking his "prize".


And oh my god, i look so shit blur in this photo alright. God knows what i was doing at that time.


Everyone was shoving and pushing just to get this shot right.

All the lower sixes.

Remember i told you they drank around 12 bottles, of beer....well....

Yeah, leaving only rubbish behind.

Now, on to some random shots.....

Your current head prefect asking for more. Oh well, he was kinda red-faced by the end of the night. Hahahah

Another omg-wtf yam-seng pose. With barbeque sauce...wth?

Bitching the night away, with drinks.

Ah King, fixing or rather cooking the ingredients. Yes, that is the rice pot we used, for the 2nd pot.

More photos of the ingredients.

Taboo-ing on the floor. Those who know me... oh well, some duwan to play with me already. U know why lah.

All in one, it was a great night spent.

Till then , later times.


I think i deserve a gold medal award to NOT GO OUT at all tonight, 30th Aug 2007. I mean, yes it's potong steam and what so ever, but damn, i will feel guilty as hell if I'm to go out.

Yes, tysern will be at home either studying or watching the US OPEN 07' (Hahaha, at least, there's a consolation prize).

No choice lah, his trials are in like 2 weeks, so all going out plans are like cancelled lah.

Exams mah.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

foodie time

It's been long since the last time i gave a restaurant review. Well, here's one.

It's in KL, next to the Gerakan building, if you're interested, message me and I will tell you the exact location.

Oh yah, it's called Rest De Mau.

The highlight of the day was the sharks fin soup. Absolutely stunner i tell you. The shark fin was crunchy, and when you throw in green chillies, it was god sent.

The scallops were really huge. Alto the black pepper sauce was a tad strong, still still great.

The chicken, very herbal-ish kind. Anyway, the sauce (chap) in the chicken was great.

The vege, very unique i say. Fried with pork bits and century egg, the vege-icky taste was not there, instead the vege was full with flavour.

Need i say more on the size of the pomfret. The garnishing, was fuiyoh, crispy, oily and great.

Saving the best for the last.......*drumrolls*

Salted egg prawns with cheese.......

Mmmmm, the salted egg, went SO WELL with the cheese. Absolutely eye-opener. Better still, each prawn had the roe in it's head, freaking high in cholesterol, but who cares man.

And now, on to the people, introducing......

My parents. Who wanna help me photoshop this pic, and put a love sign around it? Haha

Aunt Jennifer and Amelia (Nick's Sis).

There are more photos, but sigh, i am running out of time, gotta get something done....That's all for now lah. Tata.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

just hold on, a little

Yes, as above, I am kinda busy preparing for not only the my school's farewell thingy at my house, but also finishing up printing certs, and not forgetting studies as well.

After friday, pics will be up.

Till then. Later times.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

the fair, 07'

I went down to the PC Fair for a quick grab at my long awaited canon printer and AM/FM modulator.

It was quite a worth buy, as they were slashing prices. The crowd there was horrible, and most of the people were just browsing around. I mean, next time they should only open PC Fair Doors to interested customers, and not those who just go there to freeload free bags, or worst i saw one guys staring at the girls, and I bet with ya he had a boner down in his pants. Cheap people.

Oh yes, i got myself an IP3300, using the think thanks tech, which means it has 3 color ink tanks (cyan, magenta and yellow) and black.

Yeah, with the AM/FM modulator which i got for Rm 50.

Talking about printers, i put my trust in Canon Printers. Not only their printing quality is top notch, but their customer service rocks too. My old printer's print head suddenly went kaput, thank god it was still under warranty, i just sent it back to Canon, and no questions asked, they replaced it for free, promptly.

It's kinda economical to use canon printers, ask each separate ink tank is only about Rm40. Quite cheap i say.

Oh gosh, why does this sound like an advertisement?

Owh, and they were nice enough to throw in a free bag, plus 90 sheets of glossy photo paper and a RM20 Petronas voucher.

Alright, next..........

My bowling Club's photo is finally taken. and....

Yah, a great candid shot. Hehe.

Mmm.....what else happened? Oh yeah, for our quantitative salt analysis experiment, we were given a solid, QA1 and we were supposed to test out its identity.

Man, the gas it released stinked, and it was browish shit-like in colour.


The brown gassy stuff emitted, when QA1 solid is burnt.

Top view.

Here comes the interesting question of the day. Which anion you think is present in the QA1 solid? Haha, who gets the answer right first wins a meal on me.

Oh ya, those who did the exp in school, since u guys know the ans already, wait for my next quiz lah. Haha

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Re: Laugh Time.

I saw this on Patrick's blog, and it was shit funny.

Damn.... South Park have really wacky ideas on their shows.

Sharing with you guys, a short clip:-


Hahaha, you guys did not see that coming eh?

It would have really sucked if you're the one making the mistake.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Bahh, i know this post is way outdated, but how can i miss it out? It was my brother's huge-est ever birthday bash, and as family members, the planning was of course tedious as hell.

And it was a very special year as he was born on the 7th of July, hence this year the triple 07'.

He decided to have it at home, and he called around 60 plus guests. Yeap, the house nearly exploded.

My mum opted for full catering service with waiters, which costed a bomb.

Everything was ready, by the afternoon. The party kicked off at six.

Tyron's buddies, warming up before the party.

And so, more and more crashed in. Spot anyone you know?

The food, very nicely done. They served dessert, such as bubu chacha and deliciously orgasmic kuih.

More of tyron's friends. Somehow, even form 2's look quite matured now. Unlike my times. Hahah

The 2 boys were Kheng Kin and Ronald. Not too sure about the girl's name tho.

The guy in the red stripes t shirt is En Zhen, Yi Chian's bro. Still got that babyface eh?

Welcoming more and more people. Everyone, relatives, parents friends' came over. Damn, you should have checked out the stash of ang pow my bro received.

My mum's "sisters click". Really nice people. Aunt Mary & Amy.

Dad, bro and Mum, and i was obviously, the cameraman.

Oh whoops, not ready yet.

All right, all together now....

Yeah, much better.

After the party, most of my brother's friends stayed over. They resulted to take wacky shots, such as :-

Mmmm..Yeah, no comments.

Haha, the pointing to nothing pose.

That practically sums up everything that has to be said, and since everyone had fun on that day, oh well all that starts well ends well.

Till then, other times. Bye.

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