Saturday, November 19, 2005

all in one?

SPM was not that bad after all. after nights of self-talking about how i might be toasted by SPM,it was bearable. on the a happier note, subjects like physics and mod maths were more of a leap over, i hope. i am just praying that the marking will be lenient, if not, there goes my A1.

As for sejarah, i stashed in a huge lot of answers for my structure questions. man, pray i get a hardworking examinor, to slowly select out and grade my BEST answers. if he/she's a lazy asshole, he/she will just read the first few alocatted ones and do not bother about the rest, as far as i know, we are advised to put in extra answers for our sturcture and essays. well, i hope everyone in DJ puts that, so that the examinor won't be shocked to see my paper with endless answers. guess what, for the stupid mat salleh question, i filled up until number 9 i think!

Mod maths paper one was a little screwed, as in about 5+ mistakes for objective. as for paper 2, it was really do-able. no problems at all, minus the matrixs shit, but oh well, i hope i can reach at least a 95% for that paper. seriously, i do not want to end up with an a2 or worst a b3. should be no problem to get an a1, but then again, gotta pray hard and hope the examinor does not screw up his/her marking.

Physics. Does 5 mistakes for objective sound bad? hmm..i am not sure. to me, i think it's alright, but then again, 2 of those were stupid mistakes, and i at least deserved 47/50. ahh, crap. i know u all out there got like 49/50 or even full marks. paper 2 was again, do-able, with the end essays as a bonus cuz i think i could do everything there. my hidrometer was a little screwed, and sadly, i do not even know how to draw one. so, i drew something like a thermometer with a fat ass. goddamnit, i forgot the takrifan for gelombang koheren too. besides that, everything else seemed fine. paper 3, to me, i think it was harder that the previous years, but it was alright too. nothing wrong with the 3 questions, i am banging to score on this to again redeem my A1.

Bahasa Malaysia, ARGHH. this paper totaly sucks. no time for paper 2, always again. i finished right on the dot, with 0 minutes to count the words for my rumusan. fuck. well, at least i answered all the god-dammned blardy question. i felt i progressed better in paper 1, cuz the writing ideas came for paper 2, the only part that i felt happy was at the pembetulan kata-kata and the first section which is sastera and rumusan(tho i did not manage to count the amout, i bluffed!) hehe. novel was also ok, but my peribahasa sucked big time. dammnit, i knew i was so gonna f-up that section man. nvm, dun care. 6 marks. ishh....after everything, i really hope to get an a2. seriously. gimme an a2 and i walk away happy. and a1, and i will be screaming my top off.

TO sum this week up, it was better than i expected. i though that this week will be the most hectic and hellish week, but after the paper, it was ok. really, but still an undeniable fact. SPM has ruined my god damn birthday. my whole family including me, forgotten that my birthday was just around the corner. not until i looked up at the calander, and,'s approaching. a best-test birthday present to me will be 10A1's. If that is reality, that i will be thankful all my life.

*oh another thing. yi chian jst brought this up to me. try looking through your old paper works, which u have used rollers. do you realize, some rollers tend to fade after time, as in, your original writing can be seen through. well, if u have used them in your spm, u better hope it fades after like 3-4 months, after it is marked. or to prevent this, get a better roller, or jus cut your mistakes away.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

today, mod maths died

go ahead and cry lah. haha, another member of the fantastic ten was shot down today, dead on the spot. in no time, their empire will be down the drain.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

tribute to sej, eng and bm

let us all observe a moment a silence for the passing of these 3 subjects. sej and eng got stabbed straight in the heart, as for bm, it is a shot in the dark. let us all hope for the better of this situation. aren't we happy they're history, whatever the situation?

Sunday, November 13, 2005

coffee miracle

yeah, sejarah did this to me. it's 4.30am, but what's keeping me going. yeah, nescafe. actually, i did not really believe in all this coffee and tea trick, but oh well, trying it means no harm. poof, immediately, i forgotten about sleeping yeah. no wonder 3 in 1 coffee packets are disappering fast in the market. hehe

back to my original note, spm is officially one day away. yeah, one day. so good luck to all my frens and blog readers out there, grab your a's. remeber, suffer now, party later. there's no harm in staying up late yeah, jus bear for it for these few days. when it starts it's gonna end too. to top this off, stay well and calm, and answer questions wuth full wisdom and patience. best of luck!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

dogs at work

this is how i've been putting up everynight, my minumum sleeping time is at 4a.m, forcing myself to study. i know one fine day, i'll break down with flu or whatever shit, but i gotta do it man. my focus to get 10a's much be fulfilled, and this is the only way out, cause this week is ONLY my official studying week. sigh.

anyway, i just bought a couple of books, and dear me, physics was real hard. struggling to finish-up the whole book in about 3 days time, i kept on doing and doing. some questions were so impossible, the nearly made me cry.ahaha. anyway, i must keep going on lah. even if i break down, i hope it's after SPM la. that time, it's good for a real rest. whoo.

there it is, my ever-so-hard physics book. man, it really causes tremors and earthquakes to ur brain.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

thinking of throwing away ur old comp? think again

i wasted another day man. i should be studying my ass off. nono, tysern, this ain't the way to get 10 A1's. anyway, to those of you who wanna throw away ur comp, HOLD IT, recycle. yeap that's what lee mei leng says. look how can ur sucessfully re-use ur comp parts. haha.

use ur plasma screen as a gambling table? ohh, can also loh. when u damn desperate to play chor tai tee or blackjack, jus do it loh. ain't these very cool ways to recycle?

hmm, convert ur monitor into a hamster cage. not very hard wat. give ur old kaputted monitor a whack in the middle, empty the shards of glass out, add a netting and there u have it, a hamster cage.

erm, use ur mouse to walk ur dogs, or cats. haha, i think small dog can lah, big ones nanti the wire patah. but it's soo cool eh, using a mouse to walk ur dog.

ahh....bestnya, for parties.BBQ parties will be cool eh. ppl will go, hey that looks like a CPU. hehe, and yes, use ur old computer casings wisely like this. don throw it away. hehe

i think that's the disc inside ur hard disk. not a cd-rom actually. use it as a super-cool-nobody-has-it make up mirror.

cut up ur motherboard, to make key chains loh. cool eh, hang them on ur car keys, house keys, watever. ain't it unique?

Friday, November 04, 2005


BWAHAHAHA! I have broken into tysern's blog! and then i have did something to it
to make sure no more spammers! yes i put shit all over the blog to deter those bloody spammers! KIDDING! just select no when they ask u whether u want ur blog to go
public or something! means janganlah diexposekan kepada spammers yang lucah
dan yang tak bermoral! well uncle ah pek, change it back ok if u enjoy having ppl suggest
to you penis enlargements! hehehehe! sorry if it doesn't work

this community message has been brought to you by the letters M, and the letter A
and the letter E ! Tune in next time!

*welcome to sesame streets fades to the end*


examinations progress

this is a huge project in my life. to finish studying on time will determine my results. year after year, day after day, i keep telling myself not to rush it at the last minute. sadly, it fails. and the only type of studying method that suits me is, last minute studying.

this is my final exam, i should be well prepared by now. man, at least thanks to sue-mae, she got me started, finally. yeap, note the" finally". doing sejarah ain't no good. it's even harder to study compared to the sciences. blame the ministry of education for this. putting in such lame and boring topics for our syllabus. bleh.

my plans to finish-up my sejarah sylabbus.
right now, i am using eastview's komik sambil belajar. i know the big fat ass text book and buku rujukan might seem impressive, but trust me, it's too long. the komik sambil belajar is really precise, as it tells you what you really need to know, unlike some other books which stashes in some bull-shit story so that their reference books look impressive. i am combining this with the ever famous brown book,'s hell popular in our school yeah, cuz all the trial questions could be found there, in hope to maintain and achieve my A1 in spm.

bio bio, what am i gonna do?
hmm, tell me, fajar bakti or pelangi. yea yea, i know fajar bakti is really accurate and loaded with points, but yet again. ask ourselves, is that nessasary, obviously for hamizan and lim's standard, a form 6 book ain't enough, but this is the real spm. the pelangi book is fully 100% orientated with the textbook. if the goverment is true to their words, and only ask questions from the textbook, then i think pelangi is a really good choice, if not, then fajar bakti's book is on the winning hand.

more to come, cause my planning is until here only. i hope to speed up my project work.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

this is how u use a pore pack man. notice the huge pusstick in the diagram. hehehe

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

things i luv to do

fine, ranty post. what to do, nothing to blog about ma. the stay home curfew is on for me and everybody else. haih, then u wan me to blog about studying meh? hehe..anyway, back to today's topic.

item 1: putting pore packs on my pimple patches (acne) , on my cheek.

scary yah. that's excatly what i love to do. i have a box of these pore packs and after cleasing my face. shiooknya. while my face it wet, i will peel of one strip and stick it right across my acne patch. then i will wait for a LONG time yeah. memang, i am damn patient for this until the whole pack is really dry and it sticks on real HARD. ohh, here comes highlight. then, slowly i will peel it off, memang it's painful and when it is peeling off, u can see all the pus, yelloish, and disgusting sticks coming out. man, it's just so satisfying. just did it yesterday, and i managed to pull out 20 fucking pus sticks plus sum really huge pus sticks very halfway out. okay, this is also really nice, i will give thos dangling pus sticks a good squueze, and it squeezes out like play dough along with oil and blood after that. fantastic.

item 2: lying on the bad wrapped around in my towel right after shower.

hmm...i always to this in my room yeah. after a good shower, i will tower dry myself real clean, and then poop, lie on the bed to have a snooze, yeap with my towel still wrapped on. i will blast on the air- con and pull up my comferter up and snooze away for at least an hour. so blardy refreshing. only after snoozing, then after i will put on my clothes and fully declare that my shower time is over. hmm, mayb it's becuz i am just too lazy to change into my clothes, hehe. anyway, there are times i go overboard on this, and i only wake up after like 6 hours of snoozing!

item 3: cooking indomee, korean mee, or applying cheese spread on cookies.

time: usually about 2-3 am. yeap where my stomach gets really noisy. i will whip up a really cool supper for myself, and i usually go to bed with a full stomach. hmm, does this explain why i always poop alot in the morning? hehe, anyway as u all know, supper ain't good for heatlh, but eating once in awhile won't kill you. so, u wan me to recommend sum chun instant noodles, well it gotta me the fabolous korean mee. take a look at it later.

hehe, that's all for it today.

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