Tuesday, March 28, 2006

just friggin funny

Omg, have a look at this. One of the funniest speeches i have ever seen.

under the pale moonlight

Okay peeps, you will find out the reason behind my title later in this post. Anyway, a couple of jati-ans had this bye-bye dinner for Hun Jack at guess where, YES, AGAIN, that blardy PJ Seafood Restaurant.

I am so falling in love with their fucking creamy butter crabs with a seductive aroma. Thanks to kp's wild idea to order 3 kilos of it, leaving us bloated with butter at the end of that session. Neway, this time, we had 9 ppl all together eating. And yes, the main star of the day, came DAM FUCKING late alright. We all had to wait for him to come, whilst the food in front of us. Trust me, it was pure hell.

Neway, back to the point, dinner was great. Good food, great jokes and of course tons of questions to shoot at each other, considering the fact that it's been some time since we all ate. The bill came up to a whopping RM 243, with 6 dishes on the line.

To conclude this, many thanks to all of you who came. Thank god no-one backed out, all was on time and present. Great! Yay. Another great farewell dinner. Although the bill counting was abit of a headahce, but it was nothing compared to mae, chian and rach's dinner. God damn, that bill was WHOPPING BIG, but of course, we had a huge crowd. About 25 ppl. As fun as planning a farewell dinner might seem, i do not really opt to plan one, unless that fren of ours is really going. Farewell dinners are never great and when one comes, it means someone is going abroad. Owhh...

After eveyone was done eating, it was time to take pictures. Here goes,

Top row: Kelv, Ty, Danny, Hun Jack, Edmund and Jing.
Sitting down : Kee Peng, C Kent and Xiang.

Shot 2 was supposed to be NOT NORMAL. And it turned out like this.

Same old look lah. Only that danni gives a smooching pose, xiang and kelv gives us that peace sign, kp looks confused, i gave a nicer smile and not much change on the rest of the ppl. Hahahahaha

The bill. Overall quite reasonable leh, considering we had crabs, prawns and fish.

After dinner, the group adjorned to jelutong for a drink, b4 going home. Kinda full from the meal, we jst ordered drinks. At jelutong,

Random pic. Taken by dansen i think.

Another one. Oh for goodness sake, hun jack, plz get a hair cut before leaving for Russia.

From far left, Xiang, Edmund and Ty.

And now, the reason behind my title. Here it goes.........

After the meet up, and after ck and kp were done with the job, we did something that we had never done before. Me, hun jack, kee peng and c kent went on a ghost hunting trip. Yeah, you heard that right. Do not get excited, i have tons of videos to show you all.

We decided to drive up Bukit Kiara, in Taman Tun that jungle reserve at almost midnight. It was a joggers hill at daylight, but it was scary as hell at night. When we reached there, we found out that the gate blocking the road was closed. But thank god, it was only latched. Opened it illegally, and drove straight into the jungle up the hill.

The road was winding and steep. And it was fucking scary. Anything that popped out would have made us poop in our pants. Dangerous too. What if the car skidded of the tracks, we would be stuck in a deep jungle ditch.

The worst thing is, we had not alot of petrol in the tank. Imagine getting stuck on top of that jungle hill, with zero petrol.

This video is showing you the road leading up to the jungle. The trip was freaky.
p/s: hope u don't mind the music from the radio playing in the background.

On the way up to haunted hill. Enjoy the video. Whoooo......

When we were at the jungle peak, and when the darkness level was full, we stopped the car, and scared the living shit out of chung kent. We tried to pull him out of the car and abondon him by the jungle side.

He freaked out lah. But we were't so bad. Nah, we won't do it. Just scare him only.

The spooky road leading up to the jungle.

Stopping by the roadside to enjoy the thrill. C kent does not even dare to wind down the window.

He went at pee by the jungleside. That asshole.

Jack says : "SO WHAT" ?

Me chilling to the cool breeze.

And oh well, they tried to leave me there by driving off. But of course, i din panicked or wtv shit. Just waited for them to make a u-turn and pick me up.

Driving off w/o me, ahahahaah, what a joke. Given c kent, he would have fainted liao.

Okay, i hope u enjoyed this post. Leave ur commets in right section lerr...my tagboard is dam full liao. Neway, can rant and ramble more also, in the comments section.

Bye for now, i hope you don't see anything AWKWARD in the video.

Friday, March 24, 2006

will this be it?

Hey, anyway, another one of my goody old slow lagging friend is going abroad. To where, Moscow man. That's just sooo....OHHHH AHHHH WAHHH. Hahaha, mayb shocking news to some people, but i knew he was planning to go since some time back already. He told me about it and everything, and yes, i wish him luck in his career. Anyway, back to my point, i think I do not need to worry looking for doctors in my later life ; altho i hope i do not require their assitance often=p. That's not very healthy news yeah, if you're constantly looking for a doctor. One vet and one potential doctor coming from Melbourne, and now this one, coming from Russia.

If you're still blur, that fella is our dear Hun Jack. Yeah, it's Hun Jack.

Here he is, a photo taken a few month b4 SPM. This is currently how he looks like.

Anyway, I knew him since Form 1, when he was in the 1 Seraya class with me. I was not very close to him at that time, mainly because of language communicate problem. He was from a chinese medium school, and yes, me as mr.banana know nuts about mandarin. Din really know him well that time, until.........

Jack back in the year 2000. When we were all virgins ( as in virgin towards school attitute, NOT SEX) and cute little cuddly shits.

...........anyway, back to my story, we met up again in 2004, which is form 4. And still, i was not close to him, yes, in form 4, we rarely talk, not till form 5, whe i got to know him more. And oh my fooking goodness, when u know him, there are alot of things u NEVER KNEW about him. Like what he likes most, what he does and how he reacts to things. Ok, anything further from this is personal, and yes, i am not gonna blog about what he does when he's at home. Anything more, ask him directly! =p


Since it was his birthday recently, and oh yes, the 4 of us (kp, ck , hj and me) we practically craving for tai chow food, we decided to eat out at PJ Seafood Rest. It's that restaurant where u know, after the mini tunnel leading to tropicana, u make a left turn up to the mini hill. Yeah, the one next to the nicely built damansara lagenda homes.

So, Kee Peng decided to be our driver for that day. Driving us there is NO LAUGHING matter. Not that he was bad at driving, but he's such a noobie and urr... a manual car? Dying the engine multiple times at a crosslight ain't funny yeah!

When i took this, these 2 poopheads were like, Oi, wtf was that. Why suddenly got light wan......so scary lah. The police flashing us issit? ahaha...talk abt blurness...

Urghhh...posing. Wait till i get my stuff, then i'll show you how to pose cum drive.

Me and hun jack looking quite stoned in the back seat. I know my hair looks retarded yeah, tht's cuz i jst took of my working cap. Damn, how i hate to wear that shit.

Very much alive when we reached the restaurant. Ok, 3 cheers for his driving. Hahahaha

Who here agrees with me that his smile is fucking cute. OMG, how the hell does he do that man. It's just so super-kawaii.

Looking stoned as usual. Classic jack.

Me giving a half-shy smile. Noticed any changes to my face? Hahaha.....

Flashing off his new brownish hair and yeah, urmmm half moon smile? Hehe

So, this is how the 4 of us looks like now la. Not much of a change in face, and of course, in personality also! Now, time for food ordering. We ordered 5 dishes, and i will put them in order which i least prefer to which i like most.

Standing at number five, it's

God knows why the 3 of them wurve ku low yok so much, to me, i'm kinda bored of it ade. But i do admit, it's used to be one of my personal favourites during my childhood time.

Fei chow yue with assam like topping on the top. Tastes quite good, cause it has sourish and spicy hints.

Marmite prawns. The taste is heavenly. Very flavourful, a little sweet and buttery.

Thai style chicken. With the bird flu crisis going on, were still eating like no one's business. Ahahaha, anyway, it had hints of honey and the chickes was really crispy. Very good.

Claypot creamy butter crab. It was fantastic. So fucking good already. The sauce texture was thick, it's flavour intensity was just nice, aroma was good and of course, it brought a sweet buttery taste. Fantastic.

The total bill came up to abt rm145. Quite resonable, considering the dishes we orderes. Prawns, fish and crabs. Anyway, after our meal, we headed on to OU for a late movie. Well on the way there, something awkward happened. Kp was driving on the BU road when he suddenly hit a pothole. On hitting the pothole, 2 out of the 4 car's wheel caps flew off the wheel. Yeah, the front right one and the back right one. These 2 caps flew of with such great impact that it hit the oncoming car on the other lane. It flew straight into the other car, and yes, the car stopped. After realising what had happened, the car continued it's journey, and we had to stop by the road for at 1/2 an hour to hunt down the 2 caps. Thank god we found it back.

Stopping by the roadside to hunt down the 2 pathetic wheel caps.

One of the 2 wheel caps that flew off.

We decided to watch underworld 2 at OU. Booked the 10.10pm show, and yess, before going for the movie, we stopped at the arcade to play a couple round of daytona and later played foosball. Yes, i won all the daytona rounds. Haha

He got last. Ahahaha. Reason: he sed he tried to drift. Omg....of cuz la. Nvr try anything funni when racing.

Waiting to start.

Nice leh my shoes. Took this pic out of boredom.

Oh well, Underworld 2 was quite alright. Although ck and kp said it was quite ordinary, i found it quite interesting. Looks like my movie lust is getting stronger day by day. Must watch V for vendetta and Date movie liao. Beh tahan.

To close this post, i will post up my final 2 pics.

He just can't resist climbing the pole.

And finally, bidding farewell to hun jack, a picture for you. Hahaha.

Anything to say to him b4 he leaves, please leave it in the comments section !

Jack, your will be yourself forever. Jack will always be that damn JACK.

Well, goodbye jack, for now.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

spm trilogy

9.30 AM.

My handphone rang me up. Was feeling dam tired, also scared a little, so I ignored it.
Pressed the snooze button, when back to sleep, until.......

10.30 AM.

This time, that shit rang again. I was like, Fooookkkk, i have to get up. My heart was
racing like a speed train, i could not think, and yeah, my body parts were numb. Even when i raced to take my bath, and yeah, i took only like 5 mins. At this point, all that was in my mind was, how the fuck did i do for spm.

11.15 AM.

After putting on my so called lucky shirt which worked during the PMR, i raced to school. When i arrived, the next minute, the first hint of spm results was coming out. Ppl sed that betty was already coming down with the golden papers and sticking them on the board. What was even more scary was, only those ppl who scored 7a's and above have their names placed up on the board. For those who scored less than a 7, you have to wait a while for your form teacher to come down with your result slip.


I spotted my 2 good buddies, ken hui and wai yee. Ken hui had already viewed his results, as he was one of the first few ppl who saw betty sticking up the results. After tht, ken hui slipped out from the mosh pit which had formed by the board, to catch up with me and wai yee. AT THIS TIME, MY EXCITEMENT WAS AT IT'S PEAK. I told wai yee and ken hui, all of us are going in together to view the results. We held each other tightly, inching out way closer to the board, and i could already see the papers and the name. Hunting down for 5 jati, the first thing that made me happy was ALL OUR NAMES WERE ON THAT FUCKING BOARD. Thank god.


That means that we are all going to the MAC already. All of us, how bad, we were already getting 7 and above. After much pushing and fighting, finally, we leart that wai che and kh got 10 a's, while you truly, got 7 A's. YEAH, It's 7 blardy a's. Not to say very high compared to other peeps who got a ten straight, but hey, i was kinda relieved, to learn tht i actually managed to reach the 7 and above mark.

11.35 AM

Collected my results slip from cecilia, and thank her for her guidance on moral, for letting me achieve an A2. Seriously, i was really pleased at moral, for i was VERY DOUBTFUL on getting an A. After reviewing my results, i learn that i had actually missed an A for bm, add m3 and biology. Nothing to say much on the bio and bm part, for i kinda anticipated it, buy hey, how could i miss ADD M3. Fucckkkk, arghh, was kinda pissed, nooooo, i actually din get an A for one of the most easiest subjects to score, Moroever, the SPM addm3 paper wasn't really that hard.

11.40 AM

When around congratulating other people, and of course, various feedbacks from other ppl stating how good or how okay 7A's was, to not worry and to be happy on my results. After seeing chia screaming and other ppl like yi ting rejoicing on their 7a's, tht's when i felt happy. YES, at this point, i started hugging and shouting already. I told myself, 7a's and above is Good already. Yeah, it is. I should have reliased other ppl's feelings who got less than 7. Thank god i was sitting right on the fence for the 7 mark. well done man.


After much talking, celebrating and rejoice, me, xiang, chia, kelvin and ken hui decided to eat. Yeah, eat. We ate at MFM, before finally heading home. B4 i went back, i thanked my tuition teacher and school teacher for making my A1's possible. Went to centrepoint to finish up some job errands and finally, later at night, my parents had a celebration dinner with my relavties and their friends for me. Was really pleased, and of course, very happy at all the angpows they gave me for a job well done. Thank you very much.

To sum it up, this is how my results went,

If you include the GCE-O levels english, then it will be 8a's. If not, it will be seven.

On what i missed, b3 for BM is acceptable for me. Seriously acceptable. I know it's hard, and i told myself i am willing to accept a B for BM.

Add M3 for fucking unexpected. How the hell did i actually get a B for that. Dam shit man. Seriously, i was already quite confident when i did the paper, i was quite sure of and A. Oh well, spoilers do happen, like how Brokeback Mountain lost the oscar to Crash. Kinda the same situation here. Haih.

Bio, no comments. I know it was bad, and fuck, the results was just as bad. Nothing much to say about it, mayb the only this i could have rejoiced on is that at least i got a credit for it.

Congrats to those people who got 7A's and above. It's already a job well done.

To those who did not do so well, congrats on your effort you put into your exam. Remember, it is to break your limits, not other people's limits. So, don't bother comparing.

Please do not FUCKING DO THIS. Please, if you are not happy, do not even think of this.PLEASE

Don't even think of it!

Monday, March 13, 2006

faith will play it's part

Be calm, we must always tell ourselves. This is only ONE of the most nail biting incidents we are going through. We have been through this, and we know that no matter what happens, it's the after spirit that affects us most physically.

For we can, and we know we are dj-ians. We are reputable for churning out A's buy the busloads, and of course, we will live up to the reputation. I know we can, and when the spirit comes into life, many a times, everyone leaves the hall with a smile on their faces.

The hell we are going through right now, waiting for that dreaded piece of paper, we will never experience it in the coming future. Bear with your feelings, u know you can do it, for after all, your A's will NEVER change, once your piece of exam work is up to that standard. What we are getting tomoro is a gauge for ourselves, not for others. Breaking your own limits and not others, that is what releases that ecstacy dose into your bloodstream.

For i know, i can do it, it will be that way i want it, and yes, this will be the sweetest moment in my life

Good luck to everyone tomorrow!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

time is ticking

Here it is guys. The day, is drawing closer. It is just next to us. YES, NEXT TO US. In a couple of hours, our final episode of our school life will either have a :

a) happy ending.
b) sad ending.
c) so-so ending.

We are going to collect our SPM results.

Now, on to something not so shit scary.

OMG, i had the longest meeting in my life today. Starbucks meeting. 4 hours, sitting on the chair, listening and sometimes giving suggestions. I know it's good for me, but it was hell borin. Seriously.

Adjorned to OU after tht to meet up with xiang and kelv. On the way, saw bunchloads of dj-ians trying to do sth to get SPM RESULTS off their mind. Naturally, i saw esther, edmund, sharon and ken chong.

Meet up with kenneth, peng cheng, jian sheng and this dude from catholic high, b4 going for a bite at yoshinoya. Dunnoe wtf is wrong with dj-ians today, i met another bunch of 5 ppl from keruing. All must be scared shit at home, coming out to de-stress.

Finally, after the eating episode ended, hehe, there i dragged them along to look/buy parfume.
Yeah, you hear it right, Parfume.

And again, i saw shiat nee as a saleswoman there. She recomended to me a few brands, but hehe, i am waiting for my ( i hope it get it) license to buy it. My spm results lah, good results = can get anything i want.

She recomended me 4 brand names, and here they are.

Aramis life.

One of the most musky-men type perfume compared to the others. Suitable for working men, and it has a dry smell. Has hints of fresh flowers, and it will smell great at functions. It's not very distinct, rather more pleasent. Ideal for a relaxing and calming apppreance, a man like perspective. A huge favourite in the store.

Rating : 7/10

Ck One.

Shiat Nee was the promoter for Ck One. Sweet little gurl there, nearly did not recognise her wearing erm, quite heavy make-up as a promoter for this brand. Well, she sprayed some on a little piece of card and yes, i do like this smell. It has a distinct smell, quite sharp and when you put it on, it gives you a higher "class". Has hints of mellow scents, like lavander, very mellow, and not sharp. May give other ppl a sense of likebility after smelling this scent on your body. Unfortunately, it's RM 160 for 100 millilitres.

Rating : 7.5/10


It's name is Be Delicious (for Men). Unique name, VERY NICE BOTTLE. The gurls design is even nicer, it looks like a green apple. Okay, back to topic. I have to say, it was very attractive, from it's designs to it's smell. Nowadays, all men parfumes have a really sweet touch, no more the bold and musky WOW smell anymore. Moving on with this trend, this has a light and soothing smell. Works VERY well at parties, or when you inch your body over to socialize. It's not too strong, which i favour and yes, i does come with a hefty price. Rm 170 for only a measly 50 millilitres.

Rating : 8/10

Ck Be.

This perfume is HOT. Really, It has a very distinct smell, VERY spice notes, smells like spices. This is the one, if you wanna stand out and be the spotlight. For girls, i can be like POISON, the fragance, which also has a sharp smell. This is kinda the men's version of posion. Not really to my taste, but hey, i would love to put it on if i am wearing a black shirt complete with black satin pants. That's when, it rally pairs up with ur dressing.

Rating 6.5/10


After much shopping, i finally returned home with this :

4 perfume stubs. sigh. but i think i will go for the Ck one or the DKNY be Delicious.
Come smell me man! =p

So, for the time being, i will be using my ye old trusty ermmm......

Yeah, my old Tommy Hilifiger. Smells like lemon citrus with a blend of malibu.

Anyway, if you are observent, you could have smelled this on me, when you embraced near my body.

Hahahahahahahah............. =p

Friday, March 10, 2006

hot news

Presenting you all some ball squeezing news. Freaky or otherwise. Dam freaky man. Here it goes.......

4779. You see it? 4779 scores straight a's. out of tht, 945 got all A1's.
Improvements in english, maths, bio and science. ohh...okay...

oh god, please let me be one of them.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

jati's own habits

Damnit, it's already 3 plus, and i can't sleep. MayB, ckent was right, guiness stout keeps you awake all night long. What does this mean, hahaha, time for blogging la. Wahahaha, this time round, i will blog about something we all MIGHT or MIGHT NOT have noticed.

What the hell it is this time? As you see it, our dear jati habits. Yeap, good or bad, i am so gonna tok kau kau on this post.


NO 1 = Sleeping.

Scenario : Cheng Tooi Tian or Saik BU talking at the front.

Teacher: So, it's like that lah. You convert this first, then you ganti this into this, and then you subtitute....HEY... HEY...WHAT ARE YOU DOING AH, IF YOU SLEPPY GO WASH UR FACE LA.

Students : Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ( Pin drop silence. Why > look at the pics)

Sedang OI OI nicely man. Even the table can be shit comfy sumtimes.


Students response: ............................................

Still in slumberland.

Teacher: HOI HOI, GET THE FUCK UPPPPPP!!!!!!! (not so vulgar lah)

Students : Hurrrrrr, so sleeeepppyyy....OHHH FUCK OHH FUCK, Where the toot is my book ah? Eh, what page are we in ah? EHHH WHAT QUESTION AH....HELP AHHHHH.....

Other attentive students: psssttt..page 171 la, the answer is dx^2 and we are now at the next question liao.


No 2 : Eating

Scenario : (teacher talking) Ok class, please look at the board, this is how you do
it, first you take this and ganti this into this and.....

Students : Eh please lah, give me one lah, you got so many......
Ok, ok la, i give you one la.
Chomp chomp chomp.

Next student: Eh, gimme one also la, i aso wanna eat la.
Ok ok ok, nah nah, take...
Yay, * puts it into the mouth*


Student : Ok ok ok..sorry. I spit out now ya. *goes to dustbin*
Caaaaakk, caaaakk caakk.....nah, out oledi.

Teacher: *while staring into dustbin*, eh, nothing also.

Mmmmmm, faster eat ah, while she's out.

Tada......brownies to the rescue. Smells fuckign good aye.

Student one: While staring at the box of chocs; ehh...so what you put in ah. Safe wan anot, does it taste nice?

Students two: Of course la, i took one whole day to do it.
Student one: Ehhh...i tell you wat, lemme do some testing b4 you hand it over
incase got poison or whatsoever.......


No 3 : Sneak photography.

Student A : Ehh...look at this, very niceee....horr.....PIAKKKK...

Student B : Eh, you take picture ah?

Student A : Where got????

Student B: Then what is that bulging thing protuding our from ur pant pockets? Ur swollen
testicles ah????

Wanted. Cash reward given. Number one sneak photographer. Caught in the act.
Unfortunatley, based on a tip off, she is no longer in this country anymore. JK only larrr.....

Evidence number one.

Aiyoorrr, kesian. Kena stalk by the paparazzi man. Just a lean over and PIAK PIAK.....pic kena snap liao, even b4 they know anything.

Evidence number two.

Students : Ok, ONE TWO THREE, SMILEEEEE PIAK, ....eh, why is the flash coming from the back ah, Your cam got 3-d flash issit?

Photographer : OI, I DIN EVEN ON FLASH ALSO.

Students : oh, not again.......

Other supporting evidence.

Hey, look who got punk'ed. Not a hint that ur photo's up here eh?

Back posing. Ain't it the new trend?

Another copy.


Considering the fact it's gonna be 5 am, i shall pause this topic. Will continue next time. Still got 2 more habits to finish up.

Till then, see ya!

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